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What are the best letter stencils? We tried out several stencil packs, from large to small letters, kid-friendly options and more. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Small Letter Stencils

Great for journals
Loved these flexible plastic letter stencils with 12 different fonts—very cute! Wide range of style options. Great for kids. Capital letters are about 1" tall.

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Best Small Letter Stencils: YUEAON 12 Pack Letter and Number Stencils

Got a poster project to do for school? Art project? Decorations for special occasions? 

Letter stencils are a quick way of getting a fancy look, with minimal effort. We tried out several letter stencil packs to find the best bets for this article.

For the best small letter stencils, we’d recommend YUEAON’s 12 pack letter and number stencils. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Cute typefaces!

• Great for kids craft projects.

• Affordable.

• Flexible plastic PET.

• 12 different styles, from block letters to script.

• Capital letters are about 1″ tall.

What Needs Work

• Easier for kids than adults due to the small size.

• Don’t work well with thicker point pens. Use a fine point to get the best results.

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Best Letter Stencils for Kids

Neither too hard, nor too soft
Super easy to use, we liked these letter stencils for drawing, painting and posters. Lightweight and flexible. Kid-friendly sized letters.
$7.49 ($0.94 / Count)

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Best Letter Stencils for Kids: NABLUE Pack of 8 Alphabet Letter Number Drawing Painting Stencils

For the best kid-friendly letter stencils, we’d recommend NABLUE’s pack of 8 stencils—perfect for painting or drawing.

Why are they best for kids? These stencils are flexible and lightweight . . . with no sharp edges. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Good variety of fonts, including a cursive set.

• Symbols like clouds and lightning bolts included.

• Affordable.

• Flexible.

• Easy to use.

• 8 different cards.

What Needs Work

• Not ideal for smaller journals given the size of these stencil templates.

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Best Basic Alphabet Stencils

Best for pencils and fine-line markers
Block-style alphabet stencils are great for beginning writers—we liked the raised ridges that help avoid smudges. Five-piece set is a good value, but only one stencil has lower case letters too.

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Best Basic Alphabet Stencils: Mr. Pen Letters and Numbers Alphabet Templates

When it comes to younger kiddos and letter stencils, simpler is better. For the best basic alphabet stencils, we thought this set by Mr. Pen hit the mark. No fancy typefaces or symbols . . . just five colorful, flexible and easy to use stencils. Great for kid projects.

What We Liked

• Variety of sizes.

• Affordable.

• Letter sizes range from .25″ to 2″.

• Mostly letter stencils, although one has punctuation marks.

What Needs Work

• Only one stencil has lower case letters. The rest are uppercase.

• Best for pencils and fine-line markers—not so great for thicker markers!

• Somewhat stiffer than other stencils we tried. That isn’t necessarily a negative, however! Some kids find these stencils easier to use since they are less floppy.

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Best Large Letter Stencils

Perfect for signs
Not only letters, but also numbers AND symbols—this pack provides excellent bang for the buck. Loved the typeface. Perfect for larger craft projects.

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Best Large Letter Stencils: YayaLoveHomee Larger Alphabet Letter Stencils

For signs and posters where larger stencil letters are needed, we liked YayaLoveHomee’s 40 piece stencil set with 80 designs. Yes, there are 80 designs, including upper and lower case letters plus numbers and non-letter options like symbols, hearts, trees and more. Nice touch: letters are cursive-style.

What We Liked

 Beautiful font face.

• Affordable.

• Large 4″ capital letters; 2″ lower case.

• Washable. 

• Non-letter options provide more flexibility.

What Needs Work

• Paint can bleed through. Tip: to prevent this, use temporary adhesive just in case!

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