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What's the best inflatable sprinkler? To find out, we tried out several popular inflatable sprinklers, from unicorns to dinosaurs. Which were most fun? Easiest to set up? Here are the best bets!

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Best Unicorn Sprinkler

Fun! Easy to inflate!
Instagram-worthy unicorn is great for parties and birthdays—sprays water for several feet! Two sizes available.

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Best Unicorn Sprinkler: Jasonwell Unicorn Sprinkler

Inflatable sprinklers are a fun way to cool down during summer parties. Most work the same way: you fill up the inflatable character with an air pump and then attach a hose for the sprinkler part!

What’s more fun than an inflatable sprinkler? A unicorn inflatable sprinkler! We loved Jasonwell’s take on this concept—it’s roughly six feet tall, making for great photos at a party. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Fun!

• Great for parties.

• Instagram gold.

• Simple to set up. You inflate the unicorn with a pump (not included) and then attach a hose for the sprinkler park.

• Stable. The unicorn comes with four stakes to anchor the inflatable to the lawn or weights.

What Needs Work

• Leaks. We noticed an occasional leak from where the water hose connects to the unicorn.

• Holes. Like any inflatable, you have to be very careful when moving it, especially on concrete. The unicorn we tested was fine, but we see reports from other folks that theirs came with holes. Inspect it immediately to make sure there are no problems—you don’t want to wait until party time to find an issue!

Best Dino Sprinkler

Perfect for parties!
Loved this six-foot tall dino, which sprays water for several feet! Easy to set up and even includes patch kit.

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Best Dino Sprinkler: BigMouth Inc. Ginormous Inflatable Dinosaur

The company that makes this inflatable dinosaur sprinkler calls it GINORMOUS—they weren’t kidding! We measured the dino at over six feet tall! Super fun for parties.

What We Liked

• Easy to set up. Like all the inflatables we tested, you inflate the dino with a pump (not included) and then attach a hose. The water sprays from the dino’s nostrils! (Ok, just above the nostrils, but close enough!)

• Fun!

• Great for parties.

• Includes a patch kit, which is a nice touch.

• Other characters available. If the dino isn’t to your fancy, there are 10 other inflatable characters to choose from: giraffe, snake, rubber duck and more.

• Reputable brand. This inflatable sprinkler is made by BigMouth, a company based in Connecticut that makes all sorts of fun products for kids and families.

What Needs Work

• Easy to knock over. Yes, this dino comes with anchors to keep it in place—but it is so tall, it tips over easily!

• Pricey.

Best Budget-Friendly

Great for young kids
Super cute in photos, this 3 foot tall unicorn is a hit at parties or simple summer fun. Adorable—yet easy on the wallet.

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Best Budget-Friendly: JOYIN Inflatable Unicorn Yard Sprinkler

Yep, inflatable yard sprinklers can get pricey—this unicorn is both fun and easy on the wallet.

What We Liked

• It’s a unicorn! Need we say more?

• Three feet tall!

• Great for little ones. Kids 3 and under love this one.

• Fun!

• Great for parties.

What Needs Work

• Easy to tip over.

• Not as durable as others.

• Hose connector sometimes pops off.  We didn’t see this issue in our testing, but we notice some parents complain the water hose connector occasionally disconnects.

Best Run-Through

Simple summer fun!
Bright and colorful rainbow sprinkler creates a curtain of water to run through—super fun! Combine with water slide for more fun. Takes a bit of time to set up, however.

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Best Run-Through: Slashin’kids Outdoor Rainbow Sprinkler

This super cute rainbow sprinkler creates a curtain of water to run through—fun, fun, fun! The 52″ tall opening lets kids of most ages run under it with ease. Loved it!

What We Liked

• Like a car wash—for kids!

• Great for parties.

• Impressive size. At 86″ wide, this yard sprinkler looks good in photos!

• Add a water slide underneath for more slippery fun.

What Needs Work

• More time to set up than others we tested. First, you have to fill the arch with air—because of its size, this takes a bit of time. Then you need to fill the “cloud” bases with water to help anchor the sprinkler. Finally, you attach a hose to create the sprinkler.

• Doesn’t stand up if you don’t fill up bases with water. 

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