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Which are the best hot chocolate K cups? We did a blind taste test with hot chocolate enthusiasts to find the answer. Here are the winners.

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Best Hot Chocolate K Cups!

It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

We ordered hot chocolate K cups from 10 brands and then did a taste test with chocolate enthusiasts among our parent readers. Which was most chocolate-y? Creamiest? 

When it comes to hot chocolate, there are two camps of fans: those that like flavored hot chocolate (example: hot chocolate with butterscotch, etc), and those who prefer their hot chocolate straight up—the more chocolaty-y, the better.

One tip: if you prefer your hot chocolate thicker, consider using the six ounce (versus eight ounce) setting. That’s because some of our testers thought the 8 ounce setting made the hot chocolate too weak.

For the best variety of flavors, we liked Two Rivers Chocolate Hot Cocoa Pods. Yes, this brand has SIXTEEN flavors of hot cocoa, from Junior Mint to Tootsie Roll . . . and more classic flavors like salted caramel and cherry cordial. Here’s more: best hot chocolate K cups

Best Hot Chocolate Flavor Variety

Fun flavors to try
Wowsa! We loved the wide variety of different hot cocoa flavors here—the best were Junior Mint and Tootsie Roll. Bonus: Sugar Babies was also amazing.

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Best Classic Hot Cocoa Taste

Sweetened with sucralose
If you like your hot chocolate straight up, this is a good bet—we loved the smooth flavor profile . . . although you may want to use the 6 ounce setting for thicker cocoa.

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Best Budget-Friendly Hot Cocoa

Made with corn syrup & sucralose
Smooth, chocolatey taste is the highlight here . . . at a price that doesn't break the bank. Yes, it is sucralose sweetened—which some testers said leaves an aftertaste. 60 calories per serving.

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Best Creamy Hot Cocoa K Cups

Super delicious!
Yes, this tasted just like the version sold in Dunkin' stores . . . and that's a good thing! Loved the more creamy flavor profile here. Yes, it is sweetened with sucralose.

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best hot chocolate K cups

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