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What's the best mold for hot chocolate bombs? Yes, these bombs are the current hot cocoa craze thanks to social media. Hot chocolate bombs are a ball of chocolate (with marshmallows) designed to melt in a mug of hot milk. And creating the bomb is half the fun—a great craft for kids and a neat gift for friends and relatives. We tried out a dozen silicone molds to find the best ones for hot chocolate bombs. Here are the winners.

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Hot Chocolate Bomb Molds: Insider Tips

To find the best hot chocolate bomb molds, we took a popular recipe and tried out several different silicone molds.

Good news: these molds can be used for more than just hot chocolate bombs—you can make dome cakes, truffles, bath bombs, homemade soaps and more.

The best silicone molds for hot chocolate bombs should be no more than 3″ in diameter—that’s the size of the average mug. (If you get one that is too big, it won’t fit . . . which is the whole point of these wonderful treats!). 

The best size is about 2.25″ wide, in our opinion.

After trying these molds out, we do have one more tip for hot chocolate bomb crafters: place the mold on a cookie sheet for stability when filling. And fill the mold only three-quarters full if you are making cakes—they will expand when baking.

These silicone molds are handy to have for crafting and cooking. Here are the ones we’d recommend:

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Best Hot Chocolate Bomb Mold

Easy to release . . . and clean
This six-hole silicone mold was our favorite to make chocolate bombs—super simple to use and just the right size (2.55" in diameter and 1.38" deep). Also great for dome cakes and soap.

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Best Smaller Chocolate Mold

Dishwasher safe
Just a touch smaller than our top pick, we liked these silicone molds that are easy to use. BPA-free and non-stick. Great for hot chocolate bombs.

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Best Variety Of Sizes

Tried & true brand
Can't decide what size chocolate you want to make? These molds offer you three choices—we liked that flexibility, as some recipes work better with smaller diameter spheres (1.2" across).

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Best Budget-Friendly Molds

Easy release
If you want to make a large batch of hot chocolate bombs, this four-pack is a good bet . . . and easy on the wallet. Non-stick and BPA-free. We found these molds easy to clean.

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