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What are the best heated socks? Here in Colorado, we know cold. So when we tested heated socks, we tried them out in various outdoor activities in single digit winter temperatures. Which were toastiest? Most comfortable? Washed well? Here are the heated socks we'd recommend.

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Best Heated Socks For Men

Great for hunting, outdoors
We loved these thick and toasty socks, especially for outdoor activities. The top heat setting—149 degrees—is higher than others we tested. And the batteries can last an entire day (on medium).

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Best Heated Socks For Men: Binnice New Heated Socks

As native born Coloradan, I know cold—and trust me, when your feet get cold while skiing, hunting or just plain walking outside, it goes downhill from there. Cold feet = cold everything. 

So when our staff tested heated socks, we were excited to see which socks could stand up to a Colorado winter. 

Heated socks all work much the same way—a lithium ion battery sends heat through thin alloy wires woven into the socks. (Yes, most are machine washable—except one noted below). 

After trying out several different brands, we realized some worked better for men and others best for women. 

For men, we decided Binnice New Heated Socks took the prize—the heat lasted long and they were thick and soft.

What We Liked

• Toasty! These socks heat up to 149 degrees on high—that’s warmer than others we tested.

• Last almost all day. We are talking about 9 hours of use (on low setting) and 6 hours on high. Yes, we got six hours of use set at the highest temperature. 

• 3 heat settings.

• Thick and soft. These socks are made of cotton and spandex with four layers.

• Can machine wash in a laundry bag. The maker suggests hand washing, however.

• Recharge in about 3 hours.

What Needs Work

• Only one size.

• Heats only the front of the foot, from the instep to the toes. Still, we found these socks to be most toasty.

• Too thick for some folks. If you want a somewhat thinner heated sock, we’d suggest the next recommendation.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Excellent for skiing
Quick to heat up, we liked these socks' somewhat thinner fabric . . . they easily fit into shoes or boots. 3 heat settings. In real world testing, lasted 7.5 hours on medium setting.

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Best Budget Friendly: Teetown Heated Socks for Men/Women

Yes, heated socks can get pricey—but we found one pair that performed well . . . at a price that is easy on the wallet. Teetown’s socks are quick to charge and comfortable to wear. Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Good fit. 

• Comfortable fabric.

• Not as thick as others—and that is a plus if you are wearing these with shoes. These socks have three layers of fabric.

• 3 heat settings.

• Good battery life. We got seven and a half hours on medium setting in real world testing—that’s great!

• Machine washable in a laundry bag (which is included—a nice touch).

• Charges in about four hours. It’s probably best to charge these overnight before use.

What Needs Work

• Can be a bit large for women users. Our female testers like these socks, but they did run large for women. In that case, we’d recommend our next pick.

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Best Heated Socks For Women

Three heat levels
Yes, these socks are shorter than others we tested—and that meant a better fit for our female tester. Great for wearing with shoes. Caveat: don't last as long as others we tried.

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Best Heated Socks For Women: Rabbitroom Heated Socks

These heated socks are best for women because they are shorter than others we tested—and that better fit our tester. Plus there is a nice range of colors (most heated sock brands have one color choice . . . black). And yes, these heated socks performed just as well as the socks aimed at men.

What We Liked

• Great for wearing with shoes or boots.

• 3 heat levels.

• Lasted for 4 hours on medium setting in real world test.

• Heating element is on top of foot. Some folks like this better than socks that are heated from below.

What Needs Work

• Hand wash only.

• Highest temperature (125 degrees) is lower than other brands we tested. That’s a plus for some folks, however, who found some socks too toasty.

• Charge didn’t last as long as other socks. We’re not sure why this is, this sock had the same lithium battery size (2200 mAh) as others we tested.

• Too tight for those with larger feet.

• Whole foot didn’t get warm. That’s because these socks heat from the top, not the bottom. That worked for some folks . . . and others didn’t like it.

Best Long-Lasting Heated Socks

Twice the run time
For long adventures outdoors, we'd recommend these socks—an amazing 11 hours of heat (on medium). Very comfortable and quick to heat up (about 60 seconds). Hand washing is recommended.

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