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What's the best GE refrigerator water filter? To find out, we asked our parent readers for their favorites. How does the name brand stack up to other choices? Which ones are easiest to install? Here are the ones we would recommend.

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Finding the Best Water Filter for GE Refrigerators

Let’s talk GE refrigerator water filters!

If you have a GE refrigerator, you have two basic choices when it comes to replacing your appliance’s water filter: the GE name brand and third-party alternatives.

In our research on this topic for other refrigerator brand water filters, we found third-party filters worked just as well in real world tests. And we asked our parent readers for their experiences . . . most said the same thing.

But there is a wrinkle to this for GE refrigerators: some newer models require a computer chip on the filter that communicates with the refrigerator’s electronics. This effectively prohibits third-party brand water filters, which lack the chip. No kidding.

So here are our picks, with the caveat you should check your refrigerator model first to see if it will work with third-party replacement filters before ordering:

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Best Tried & True Brand

Has RFID chip to talk with your fridge
Yes, it is pricey, but we found this filter does its job well—easy to install and effective. One key tip: run a gallon of water through it when first installed to get rid of residue.

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Best Easy Install

Worked great
Super easy to use, this filter lasts about six months and does an excellent job at filtering water. Sure, it is on the expensive side, but we thought it worked well for most folks.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Good at removing funky odors, taste
Loved the bang for the buck here—these filters do an excellent job . . . yet are easier on the wallet. Also nice: activated carbon with six-month life. Caveat: can't use on newer models that require RFID chip.
$27.19 ($9.06 / Count)

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Best Simple To Use

No tools required
This filter brand won us over with an easy install and effective filtering . . . without having to take out a second mortgage. Star feature here is the coconut shell carbon design, which is effective.
$33.99 ($11.33 / Count)

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