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What's the best extra large baby playpen? Sure, playpens have been around for forever . . . but new to the market are extra large models that offer up to 27 square feet of play space. No, these playpens aren't for sleeping—but they are great to give baby more space to roam, while keeping them in a safe environment. After inspecting several models, comparing features and ease of use, here are the extra large baby playpens we recommend.

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Best Extra Large Baby Playpen

Weighs just 16.5 lbs.
Loved this playpen, with a whopping 27 square feet of play area. Mesh around all sides = good airflow. No, this isn't for sleeping . . . just for play!

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Best Extra-Large Baby Playpen: Baby Playpen, 79”x71” Extra Large Playpen

We asked the readers of our baby gear book, Baby Bargains, for their advice on extra-large baby playpens. We took these suggestions and then narrowed down the finalists based on overall quality, ease of assembly and portability (some playpens are, others not so much).

There are large playpens then there are supersized large playpens—this one by Deraito fits the latter category. At a whopping 70″ x 71,” you are talking over 30 square feet of playroom. That’s impressive.

To compare, consider the size of the most popular standard playpen (the Graco Pack ‘N Play), which is 40″ x 28.5″

Best of all, this reader favorite is super easy to assemble. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Sturdy.

• Comes with travel bag.

• Zippered door access is easy to use. And, yes, the zipper is on the outside.

• Easy to assemble.

• Great for walking practice.

What Needs Work

• No mattress or padding. Of course, this playpen isn’t for sleeping. But if you set it up on a hardwood floor, you may need some other padding on the floor.

• Instructions could be better.

• So large, it is best to measure your space before ordering!

Best Portable Extra Large Playpen

For ages 6-24 months
Easy to open and close, this lightweight, extra large playpen is perfect for road trips or grandma's house. Also works outdoors.

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Best Portable Extra-Large Playpen: LIAMIST Baby Playpen

If you love the concept of an extra-large playpen but also need it to be portable, our recommendation would be this model by Liamist.

At 51″ by 51″, this model is much easier to tote around than other large playpens. And yes, it comes with a travel bag. Our readers like the quality of this playpen.

What We Liked

 Lightweight at 10 lbs.

•  Large play area.

• All mesh = good airflow.

• Great for indoors or out.

• Easy to open and close.

• Door has external zipper.

What Needs Work

• No cushioning. This playpen is best on carpet or grass. 

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Best Easy-to-Assemble Playpen

Ages 6 months to 6 years
We liked the two zippered mesh doors on this supersized playpen—and it is quick to assemble. Kids love it . . . and the darker fabric is a nicer asethetic.

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Best Easy-to-Assemble Playpen: UANLAUO Playpen with Mat

Most extra-large playpens don’t come with any padding for the play area This one by UANLAUO is the exception—you get a double-sided folding mat that goes inside the playpen. We liked the quality here . . . you can use this playpen inside on hardwood floors.

What We Liked

• Super easy to assemble.

• Includes play mat.

• Mat is reversible.

• Huge amount of play space: 71″ x 59″.

• Kids love it.

What Needs Work

• A bit pricey.

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Best Large Playpen For Twins

Double the space, double the fun
Joovy’s Room2 Portable Playard has ten square feet of area—twice the size of most standard playpens, giving multiples or toddlers more room to play. It's a basic playard without bells and whistles. Readers love the easy set-up and heavy weight canvas fabric.

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Best Large Playpen For Twins: Joovy Room2-Playard

If you have twins and don’t want an extra large playpen, this might be a good compromise: Joovy’s Room2 Playard. At roughly 40″ by 40″, it is roughly twice the size of standard playpens . . . about only half as large as the extra large playpens recommended above. So it might be a good compromise if you want more play room, but don’t have space for the extra large versions.

What We Liked

• Sturdy.

• Great size for twins.

• All mesh sides = good airflow.

• About 10 square feet of play space.

• Waterproof cotton fitted sheet and mattress included. That’s nice because most extra large playpens do NOT come with any pad.

• Travel bag. 

What Needs Work

• Heavy at 29.6 lbs.

• Could be easier to fold.

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