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With the rise of outdoor kitchen and living spaces, a commercial ice maker is an increasingly popular choice to make a large quantity of ice. What are the best options? And what are the drawbacks to using a commercial ice maker? We spent 8 hours researching this topic, surveying our readers for their real world experiences. Here are the commercial ice makers we recommend.

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Best For Entertaining

Easy, simple set up
Loved this ice machine that creates up to 100 lbs. of ice a day—compact, efficient and not too noisy. Perfect for that party, outdoor kitchen or a food truck.

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Best For Entertaining: Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Let’s talk commercial ice makers!

Why would you want one? And what are the drawbacks you should know before purchasing?

Commercial ice makers can make a large amount of ice in a short period of time.

How much ice?

The typical commercial ice machine we researched for this article can make 45 ice cubes in just 10 minutes. Or close to a 100 pounds of ice per day.

In talking with our parent readers, popular uses for commercial ice makers include making a large quantity of ice for a party or to fill up coolers before a fishing trip. If you have an outdoor kitchen, a commercial ice maker is the perfect compliment to the grill and prep area.

Before you get excited and click the buy button, let’s talk about some drawbacks to commercial ice makers.

While the commercial ice makers in this article make lots of ice, they do not keep it frozen. The typical maker can store 33 lbs. of ice—but it will start to melt immediately. That’s not a big deal if you have a party and are using it quickly. 

However, you may need to transfer the ice to freezer bags if you want to make a large quantity of ice in advance.

Here are more tips and advice on using a commercial ice maker:

• Many makers let you adjust the density of the ice, from soft to hard. The harder the ice, the longer time it takes to make, however.

• The higher the environmental temperature, the longer it will take to make ice. And if you use a commercial ice maker indoors, be aware that it will generate a good amount of heat.

• Drain the water once a day. And the drain has to be lower than the unit, as these ice makers have gravity drains (no pumps).

For the best commercial ice maker for entertaining, our top pick would be the Euhomy commercial ice maker machine. This model hits all the right notes: easy to use, well designed (note the adjustable feet and included scoop), and not too noisy.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Stops making ice when full.

• Not too noisy.

• Affordable.

• Can store up to 33 lbs. of ice—makes 45 cubes per cycle.

• LCD read-out of temperature.

• Auto clean function.

• Fits under a counter.

What Needs Work

• Ice bin isn’t a freezer. That’s true for all of the commercial ice makers reviewed in this article. But we mention this since some folks falsely assume they can use the unit to store ice, not just make it!

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Best Budget-Friendly

Great for an office
The LCD controls on this model are easy to use—and it produces cubes in just 12 to 18 minutes. Includes ice scoop and hoses to connect drain and water supply.

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Best Budget-Friendly: ADT Ice Machine Freestanding Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker

This machine is very similar in design and features as the Euhomy recommended above, but is somewhat less expensive for whatever reason! So we’ll pick it as a best budget-friendly option. 

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Best Easy Install

Great for large RV parties
The ice thickness setting is the star feature here—three levels, which can produce about 3-4 pounds of ice per hour. Super easy to set up and use.
$499.97 ($31.85 / in)

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Best Easy Install: hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine

This excellent ice machine comes in two capacities (99 pounds, which is linked above) and 143 pounds . . . in case you need more ice.

What We Liked

• Super easy to install and use.

• Fast.

• Quiet.

• Includes scoop and tubing.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

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