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What is the best clear ice maker? And just what makes clear ice better? We dive into those topics by first surveying our parent readers for their favorite clear ice makers. Then we tried out a few brands ourselves. Here are the clear ice makers we like best.

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Best Electric Ice Maker

Easy to clean
Love the crystal clear ice this maker churns out, with easy-to-use controls. Also nice: can set it to make thicker or thinner cubes.

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Best Electric Clear Ice Maker: Luma Comfort Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine

Let’s talk clear ice makers.

And just what is clear ice? Most ice is made from tap water—and that water contains air bubbles. The air bubbles are what makes ice cloudy. 

Clear ice makers remove the air bubbles, creating crystal-clear ice. Why is that better? When you consume drinks with cloudy ice, the ice releases air bubbles as it melts . . . and that extra air can affect the flavor (especially with carbonated beverages).

Another key advantage: clear ice melts SLOWER than cloudy ice. That’s because it is more dense. Slower melting is better for drinks that you don’t want to dilute (alcoholic beverages, for example). 

There are two key ways to make clear ice: an electric ice maker or clear ice molds. Both methods change the way the ice freezes. The electric maker freezes water in layers while the ice molds use gravity to get rid of the air bubbles.

After surveying our readers and trying out several clear ice electric ice makers, we like the Luma Comfort the best. It is easy to use and makes ice quickly. The Luma is a good solution if you need a larger quantity of ice . . . unlike the molds that can only make a few cubes at a time.

What We Liked

• Great for making LOTS of clear ice, unlike molds that only do two to 10 cubes at a time.

• Easy to use.

• Easy to clean.

• Freezes water in layers to prevent cloudy ice.

• Can be set to make ice thinner or thicker.

What Needs Work

• Ice sometimes comes out as a large block, which needs to be broken up.

• A bit pricey.

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Best Clear Ice Ball Maker

Effective and simple
The star feature here is the insulated container—and a mold that is easy to use. And yes, you can use tap water and get good results.

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Best Clear Ice Ball Maker: Premium Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold

As we mentioned above, there are two solutions for clear ice: an electric ice maker or silicone molds. The latter is more affordable and can be effective, if you follow the maker’s directions! We tried out a few before deciding this model by Berlinzo is the best bet for clear ice balls.

The secret to this maker is the insulated container that helps form clear ice (without the air bubbles).

One tip: use hot water and don’t overfill the mold. Also smart: don’t have the freezer’s fan blow directly on the tray for the best results.

What We Liked

 Easy to use.

• Simple and effective—includes insulated plastic bucket.

• Perfect for drinks.

• Works well even with tap water.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Takes up a bit of freezer space, which can be in short supply.

• You’ll need patience: takes up to 48 hours to freeze completely.

• Sometimes can be hard to remove from mold.

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Best Clear Ice Cube Maker

Easy to use
A simple solution to create large clear cubes—super easy to use, with detailed instructions. We got excellent results with tap water.

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Best Clear Ice Cube Maker: True Cubes Clear Ice Cube Maker

If you prefer cubes to spheres, this ice cube maker by True Cubes would be our choice. It performed well in our tests and was recommended by our readers.

What We Liked

• Easy to do.

• Makes 4 cubes and works well.

• To release cubes from tray, run warm water over mold.

• BPA-free silicone.

• Freezing takes 18-22 hours.

What Needs Work

• Large tray takes up a good amount of freezer real estate.

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Best High Capacity

Easy on the wallet
Great for parties, this tray does an excellent job pumping out 10 cubes at a time—and yes, we got clear ice with just tap water.

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Best High Capacity: ClearlyFrozen High Capacity Home Clear Ice Cube Tray

Most clear ice makers are designed to make two to four cubes at a time. But what if you are having a party and need to make a bigger quantity of ice. We liked ClearlyFrozen’s clear ice tray as the best solution for this—it worked well and pumped out 10 cubes after about 20 hours of freezing.

We appreciate the clever design of this tray, with the uses holes in the silicone mold to allow air bubbles to fall to the bottom. 

What We Liked

• Best for parties where you need lots of ice.

• Easy to use.

• “Directional freezing” tech worked well to create clear ice cubes.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• No lid means odors from fridge may end up in your cubes.

Best Budget-Friendly: SIMPLETASTE Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold

Yes, clear ice makers can be rather price for what is basically a silicone mold and container. We tested several budget-priced clear ice makers and didn’t like the results—until we tried this one by Simpletaste. It did an excellent job and didn’t break the bank.

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• Works with tap water.

• Affordable.

• Freezes in 18-30 hours.

• Handle on mold makes releasing the ice easier than others we tried.

What Needs Work

• Large tray size takes up a good amount of freezer real estate.

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