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What is the best breast pump bag? Breast pumps today are lighter and more portable than ever. The only hitch? Most are sold without any carrying bag. The solution: bags specifically designed for breast pumps. We personally tested 12 different options to come up with these picks. Which were most useful for nursing moms? Here are the winners.

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Best Large Tote

Fits Spectra, Medela pumps
We loved all the features: side-entry pockets for pumps are the star. Pockets galore! Holds all your supplies.

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Best Large Tote: Teamoy Breast Pump Bag

When you are a breastfeeding mom pumping on the go, you need to carry quite a bit of supplies—the pump itself, collection bottles, storage bottles and more. And then, of course, you have the rest of your life! We personally tested a dozen bags designed for breast pumps before crowning this one as the best large tote-style bag: the Teamony’s Breast Pump bag. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Fits the most popular, full-size pumps. The most popular breast pumps, Spectra and Medela, fit in this bag’s clever side-entry pockets. In fact, Spectra’s pump will fit with the tubes attached!

• Short or shoulder length straps. Our testers loved that flexility.

Converts to diaper bag. A bonus extra use.

• Cooler bag and pockets galore. 

What Needs Work

• It’s LARGE. For some parents, this bag is overkill. On the other hand, most of our testers thought it was perfect despite the large size.

• Loading it can be tricky. When you load this bag, you need to put the breast pump in first, then load the main compartment. If you do it the other way, the main compartment will collapse the breast pump pockets—making it hard to put the pump in!

• Shoulder strap latches can break after long-term use. We wish this bag’s durability was better in the long term, but that is a trade-off for the price.

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Smaller, Cuter Bag

Fits smaller pumps
USB charger port! We loved the compact size—not too bulky, but still holds smaller pumps like Medela Freestyle or Swing.

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Smaller, Cuter Bag: Gogoso Breast Pump Bag

Sometimes, the best choice for a breast pump bag is to go small and compact—and after we tested several options, we thought Gogoso’s Breast Pump was the best of the small bag bunch. One key feature: it is lightweight! Here’s more on why we picked it as tops:

What We Liked

Backpack or handbag. We liked the hands-free option.

• Fits smaller pumps like the Medela Freestyle Swing and Harmony.

• Stealthy. This doesn’t look like a breast pump bag—and that’s a good thing!

• Anti-theft pockets for keys and phone. Plus two insulated bottle pockets!

• USB charging port for your phone or breast pump (yes, some charge via USB).

What Needs Work

• Bottles don’t fit standing up. Many brands of bottles are too big to fit standing up—so you have to lay them on their side. Which could lead to leaking.

• Won’t fit Spectra pumps, which are too big for this small bag.

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No Nonsense Tote

Great for work
Not flashy—we loved the 12 pockets, interior isolated pockets and laptop sleeve. Large size

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No Nonsense Tote: Momcozy Breast Pump Bag

Need a bag to take your pump to work? After testing out several options, we thought Momcozy’s bag was the best for professional settings. Large enough to hold supplies, but doesn’t scream “I’m nursing!” Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Pockets galore. We loved the 12 pockets, including a space for laptop/tablet, three interior bottle pockets and more.

• Short or shoulder strap. That made it easier to carry, said our testers.

• Fits most large pumps like Medela and Spectra.

What Needs Work

• Straps can be uncomfortable if you carry it for extended periods of time. We wished the maker would add a bit more padding.

• Very plain. Our testers were split on the looks of this bag—some thought it was too plain, while others appreciated the simple style.

• Shoulder strap latches can break after long-term use. That’s a trade-off with an affordable bag . . . the long-term durability issues. On the other hand, most folks found this bag made it through at least one kid.

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Best Backpack Style

Minimalist look
We loved the larger cooler compartment at the bottom—big enough for 6 bottles! But it is a tight fit for full-size pumps like Spectra.

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Best Backpack Style: Momigo Breast Pump Bag Backpack

Hands-free is the key feature for many moms—and our testers thought the Momigo breast pump backpack was the best option in that category. Let’s be honest—between a cell phone and baby, who has room to carry a tote or shoulder bag? This bag shined in the hands-free category, based on our testing. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Large zippered insulated storage compartment for bottles—big enough for six 5 oz. bottles.

• Two sizes: medium and large. Get the larger one if you have a full-size pump like Spectra.

• Bottles can stand up when stored. We like this better than bags that require bottles be stored on their side—less chance of leaking!

• Minimalist style. 

What’s Needs Work

• No ice packs. Some breast pump include this; this bag doesn’t. Not a big deal if you have your own ice packs, of course!

• Can be a tight fit for pumps like the Spectra, even with the large version. Yes, it works, but just a heads up.

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