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What is the best booster seat for a dining table? When your child has outgrown a high chair but still needs a boost to reach the kitchen table, the kitchen booster seat shines. We reviewed and tested a dozen models—both with and without trays—to come up with the best picks!

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Buying A Booster For The Dining Table: Tips & Advice

Let’s talk booster seats for toddlers at dinner time!

When it comes to buying a booster seat, you have two basic choices: tray or no tray.

The most popular kitchen boosters for toddlers are those without a tray. This type of booster helps boost a child up to the dining table, where they eat with the rest of the family.

Booster seats with trays are helpful if you have a younger child and you don’t have room for a high chair. The tray is helpful for holding a bowl, etc. 

Consider these tips when looking for a booster:

• Is the booster dishwasher safe? Yes, some models are designed to fit inside a dishwasher, simplifying cleanup. 

• Strap or no strap? Some booster seats for the dining table have a safety strap to keep a toddler from falling out of the chair—however, these belts aren’t foolproof. Regardless, if you’re using a booster off the floor (attached to a kitchen chair) a strap may offer additional safety. Older kiddos may be fine without the strap. 

• Crevices can be a food magnet. When it comes to toddlers and food, it’s always surprising where the food ends up. The best booster seats are designed without cracks or crevices for food to hide!

After testing out several models and surveying our parent readers, here are our recommendations the best booster seats for the dining table:

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Best Booster without Tray

Better for older kiddos
For older toddlers ready to sit at the kitchen table, this non-slip, lightweight booster is a great option for kids who need a boost to reach the table comfortably. The soft foam padding is waterproof and cleans easily. This is a great booster to get you through the toddler years.

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Best Modern Booster

Contemporary looks
Another good bet in the category of boosters without trays is the OXO Tot Perch booster seat. It quickly collapses and has a carry handle for travel. Reader feedback on this one has been quite positive. Bonus: a safety harness is included.

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Best Booster With Tray

Best in class
The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster seat is an affordable, yet feature-rich booster seat. With tray and height adjustability that folds and comes with a carry strap, it’s a great option for parents to take out to dinner or to Grandma’s house.

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Best Budget-Friendly Booster

Great for travel
This booster is an affordable choice similar to the Fisher-Price chair, but it adds one nice bonus: a more compact fold for easy transport. Full-size tray is dishwasher-safe. Be aware: this seat has a 33-pound limit.

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How we picked a winner

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