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Gift baskets are perfect for kid parties and celebrations—but then you are faced with this decision: what are the best basket stuffers? We looked at building kits, books, eggs and toys before picking these best bets. We had real kiddos play with various options and judge which ones were most fun. Here are the winners!

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Best Building Kit Basket Stuffer

3 packages = 3 things to hide
Loved this super cute, three scene kit! 2 mini-figs, three separate scenes. You can hide each scene, since they are packaged separately. A bit pricey, but fun!

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Best Building Kit Basket Stuffer: LEGO Egg Hunt Building Kit

What We Liked

• 3 packages = 3 separate gifts! We loved how this kit is packaged as three individual kits—you can give them one at a time if you wish.

• Each scene has places to hide eggs.

• Super cute!

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Scenes are small. 

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Best Book Basket Stuffer

Hardcover, paperback or board book
PJ Funnybunny is a classic! Love this wonderful story, which follows a bunny that tries to find his way in a rough and tumble world.

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Best Book Basket Stuffer: It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny Book

Who doesn’t love PJ Funnybunny? It’s a classic!

What We Liked

 Three formats: hardcover, paperback or board book.

• Affordable.

• Adorable story!

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Best Egg Basket Stuffer

4 characters to hatch
Great for collectors, this kit is adorable. 6 total animals. Critics note it can be hard for really young kids to "hatch" the eggs—it takes a bit of patience!

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Best Egg Basket Stuffer: Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Basket

Loved these eggs with ombre paint and purple hearts! Four characters hatch from eggs and two are already hatched.

The Hatchimals come in a plastic basket decorated with pink hearts, yellow flowers and a purple handle; the basket has room for all six Hatchimals plus two others from your child’s other Hatchimals collections. The cute animals have a pastel pearl finish with glittery wings

What We Liked

• Great for collectors.

• Comes in a basket—ready to gift!

What’s Needs Work

• 8 spaces but only 6 characters? Not sure why, but there are two blank spaces in this basket! The company says its to add Hatchimals your child already has?

• Hard to “hatch” the eggs, especially for smaller kiddos.

• Plastic handle on the basket can break if you aren’t careful.

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Best Toy Basket Stuffer

Sort and match skills
They hatch! They squeak! Loved this sturdy toy, which teaches shape and sorting skills. Heads up: egg shell tops don't snap on, so they'll fall off if carton is tipped over.

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Best Toy Basket Stuffer: TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs

Loved this adorable toy as a great basket stuffer! Baby eggs “hatch” into different colored squeaker chicks. Press on the tops of their heads to hear the squeak! The outer shells have little faces with different expressions and the bases of each egg have a molded shape that fits into the right spot in the carton—square to square, and so on!

What We Liked

• Shape and sorting = fun!

• Squeaking is not too loud.

What’s Needs Work

• Egg shells don’t snap on—that means they can spill out of carton if overturned.

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