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What are the best angel tree toppers? We asked our parent readers for their favorites and then did seven more hours of research, comparing quality and features. Here are the angel tree toppers we think are best.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Includes spare bulbs and fuse
Loved the soft glow of the lights under this angel's dress—and the beautiful gold and ivory color scheme. So pretty! Beautiful facial expression.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Kurt Adler Illuminated Angel Treetop

Yes, some angel tree toppers can be pricey. But there is good news: this reader favorite is easy on the wallet: Kurt Adler’s Illuminated Angel Treetop. We love the detail here that balances traditional colors and delicate lighting accents.

What We Liked

• Beautiful!

• Great facial expression.

• Traditional design.

• Nice ivory and gold combination.

• Includes 4 spare bulbs and even a spare fuse.

What Needs Work

• Cord could be longer. At 24″, the power cord is on the short side.

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Best Minimalist Look

Also great for a mantle
Elegant and simple, this angel tree topper strikes just the right balance—traditional in color, modern in design. Add in some fairy lights to give it a bit of sparkle.

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Best Minimalist Look: Willow Tree Starlight Tree Topper

If your home sports a more modern decor theme, this angel topper would be our pick—it has just the right minimalist vibe. No it doesn’t light up, but when you shine a light on it, the metal star glitters in the light.

What We Liked

 Well made—cast from a Susan Lordi carving so it looks hand carved.

• Hand-painted resin.

• Glitter on metal circular star catches the light.

• Comes in gift box.

• Two-piece assembly is quick.

What Needs Work

• No lights.

• A bit heavy. You may need to rig up some way to keep the angel from falling.

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Best Unique Color Theme

Looks impressive in person
Beautiful without being overdone, this topper is perfect for that coastal-themed tree. Nicely detailed—love the pearl accents and seashells/netting.

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Best Unique Color Theme: 14” Inch Standing Aqua Angel Christmas Tree Topper

And now for something different—this reader favorite angel (the Aqua Angel) boasts a unique theme. We loved the giant pearl accent and netting/seashells . . . if you have a home near the ocean, this would be a great nautical look.

What We Liked

• Perfect for coastal theme.

• Unique color scheme.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Doesn’t light up.

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Best Gold Angel Tree Topper

Perfect size for a smaller tree
This 10" topper is a reader favorite and we agree: it is most impressive! From the gold brocade robe to the gold rosebud at the waist, this angel is a perfect traditional topper for a tree.

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Best Gold Angel Tree Topper: Kurt Adler UL 10-Light Angel Treetop Figurine

If you are a traditionalist, this angel tree topper doesn’t disappoint. We loved the gold theme here—and it looks quite impressive in person. At 10″ in height, it is smaller than others we researched for this article . . . so  it would be a good fit on a smaller tree. (Most angel tree toppers are 12″ to  14″ in height.)

What We Liked

• Gold brocade robe looks impressive.

• Fake fur cuffs and trim.

• Includes 4 spare bulbs and even a spare fuse.

• Good for smaller trees.

• Very pretty!

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

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