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What is the best Among Us merch? We polled our own Imposters and Commanders and came up with these favorites. Here's what we'd recommend!

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Our Favorite Picks for Among Us merch

We admit it—the staff here is addicted to Among Us, the super-clever game that seems to be everywhere at the moment.

Remarkably easy to learn, Among Us has a rather simple premise: you’re on a spaceship and you need to fix it.

Onboard, there are crewmembers (Commanders) and one imposter—and as you might guess, the latter is trying to sabotage the others.

The challenge: the imposter looks like the rest of the crew. Figuring out who the imposter is before he/she does the rest of the crew in is the secret sauce to Among Us. Teamwork, manipulation, deception . . . it’s all there!

Meanwhile, here is the Among Us merch that we love the most right now:

Best Stickers

Waterproof and durable
Loved this 100-piece set, which is well made and nicely styled. Captures the clever 2D aesthetic of the game. Great for decorating.

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Best Plush

Perfect for a desk
Soft to the touch, this 8" high plush nicely recreates the color and feel of the game character. For ages 12+.

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Best Hoodie

Machine washable
Loved this pull-over hoodie—the printing is amazing, with the stark black background. And it is quite easy on the wallet. Caveat: sizing is a bit confusing.

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