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It's the newest craze: baby formula made from A2 milk. What's all the buzz about? And what are the differences between the three main brands of A2 baby formula? We've got the answers.

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Best Organic A2 Formula

No palm olein oil or GMO's
This formula features casein made with A2 cow's milk plus organic coconut oil and organic soy oil. Caveat: no prebiotics or probiotics. No partially hydrolyzed protein, which some parents prefer.

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Best Organic A2 Formula: Similac Organic with A2 Milk Infant Formula

Quick reminder: always ask your baby’s pediatrician for advice on nutrition before trying any formula. Your doctor is the best source for advice on this topic!

What is A2 baby formula?

Yes, it’s the newest thing in baby formula: formula made from A2 cow’s milk.

So what is A2, you ask?

Cow’s milk has two types of protein: whey and casein. A2 focuses on the casein part. Most casein in cow’s milk is beta casein. And that beta casein comes in two types: A1 and A2.

Most cow’s milk contains both A1 and A2. A2 cow’s milk just has A2—from cows that just produce milk with only A2 protein. For the curious, A2 milk first came to market in New Zealand and Australia in the early 2000’s. (There will be a quiz on this next Tuesday).

If you are still with us, you might ask: what’s the difference between A1 and A2 protein? Well, the body digests each differently. There is much disagreement and conflicting claims about whether one (A1 or A2) is better than the other—we’ll let you make up your own mind.

Anyway, baby formula makers have decided to jump on the A2 milk bandwagon with all three major players (Enfamil, Similac and Gerber) debuting new A2 baby formula.

Interestingly, even though each is based on A2 cow’s milk, the formulas have rather significant differences.

Example: Similac’s Organic A2 Milk Infant Formula is the only organic A2 baby formula on the market so far (as of this writing).

What We Liked

• Approximately 80% casein (A2), 20% whey. 

• Palm olein oil free.

• USDA Organic.

• No GMO’s.

What Needs Work

•  No partially hydrolyzed protein. That’s a negative—Similac’s other “gentle” formulas feature partially hydrolyzed formula. Some parents prefer this for fussy babies. FYI: this is confusing because Similac is marketing its A2 baby formula as part of its Gentle line  . . . but Similac’s other Gentle formula has partially hydrolyzed protein.

• No HMO prebiotics. See the next recommendation if you want this ingredient.

• No probiotics.

Best HMO + Probiotic

All carbs are lactose, but also has palm oil
While this A2 cow's milk formula is not organic, it does feature probiotic L. reuteri and prebiotic 2'-FL human milk oligosaccharides (HMO). The latter is a component in human breast milk.

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Best HMO + Probiotic: Gerber Good Start Infant Formula A2 Milk

Yes, Gerber takes a completely different approach to A2 baby formula than their competitor Similac—Gerber’s is NOT organic, but does feature the highest concentration of whey to casein ratio on the market (70% whey to 30% casein). Some parents prefer this ratio. Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Contains prebiotics human milk oligosaccharides (better known as HMO).

• Also has probiotic L.reuteri

• 100% lactose as carbs.

• No GMO’s.

What Needs Work

• Not organic.

• Contains palm olein oil,

• Pricey.

Best European-Sourced A2: Enfamil Enfamil A2 Infant Formula

Enfamil takes a middle of the road approach to A2 baby formula: while it is not organic (like Similac), it does have prebiotics (like Gerber). What makes this unique: this formula’s A2 ingredient is sourced from two farms in Germany.

Yes, some folks think European cows are happier than their cousins in other countries (Gerber says its A2 milk is from a farm in Finger Lakes, New York; we’re not sure where Similac’s cows call home.)

What We Liked

• Contains Omega-DHA

• No added sugar.

• No artificial growth hormones.

• No GMO’s.

• Contains prebiotics

What Needs Work

• Contains palm olein oil.

• Pricey.

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