Amazon Prime Day 2017: What To Expect, Baby Gear Deals & More Advice.

Amazon Prime Day 2017: What To Expect, Baby Gear Deals & More Advice. Yes, it is that time again—Amazon’s Prime Day sale is this coming Tuesday July 11. Now that we have a couple of these under our belts, let’s talk about what it means for baby gear shoppers.

First, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, no need to fret—you can sign up for a free trial to get the deals. Then you have 30 days to try it out or cancel. Simple!

Here are our nine tips for getting the best deals:

  1. Set your expectations. So what can you expect for baby gear deals? Will everything be super-cheap? Answer: no. Yes, there will be sales, but expect 20% to 30% off (based on our analysis of last year’s deals). Not 50%. Of course, even 30% off Amazon’s normal pricing is a good deal. So if you plan to buy a car seat, crib or high chair in the coming days, it might make sense to see what pops up on Prime Day.
  2. Don’t assume Prime Day is the lowest price. Use CamelCamelCamel and other search engines to double check pricing.
  3. Prepare for pre-Prime Day deals. That’s right, Amazon will release some deals early on Monday July 10. So get ready to start your engines early Monday.
  4. Expect some funky fashions. Fashions for baby gear that is—last year we saw great deals on car seats, for example, but you had to take a pink and green pattern. I wonder why that model didn’t sell? Baby gear makers use Amazon Prime Day to clear out the garage. So if you aren’t too picky, it can be great for deals!
  5. The deals are divided into two parts: Lightning and regular. The Lightning deals run for specific periods of time until stock runs out. And that can be a matter of minutes . . . or seconds. Move fast on a deal you’ve confirmed is a deal. Tip: Amazon will give you a heads up as to what deals are coming up next, so watch the “coming next” lists to keep an eye out.
  6. The very best deals will be on Amazon devices, based on preview year’s deals. So if you’ve been eying an Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show or Kindle Fire Tablet, here’s your chance to snag what will probably be the best prices of the year (based on what happened last year).
  7. Don’t forget about related baby gear items like kitchen food processors. While the baby gear deal pickings may be slim on Prime Day, don’t forget about related categories. Example: food processors and other gadgets helpful for making baby food. Based on last year, we’d expect to see many more kitchen deals than baby gear.
  8. If you’ve got an Amazon device, expect Alexa only deals. If you don’t know who Alexa is, skip this tip. For the rest of you, you know what to do.
  9. Use the Amazon app to get deal notifications. Yep, the app will notify you of upcoming deals, so keep it handy!

We’ll be live blogging deals on Amazon Prime Day, so watch our Facebook page and Instagram feed for the best deals.



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