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What's the best kitchen soap dispenser? We tried out several soap dispenser and surveyed the readers of our parenting books (2.1 million copies in print!). Which was the most practical? Sturdy? Here are the ones we'd recommend!

FYI: We've been rating and reviewing products for the home and families since 1994! We don't take money or freebies from the brands we review. The soap dispensers we tested for this article were purchased with our own money. Our work is 100% reader-supported! So we sincerely appreciate you reading this article.

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Best Soap + Sponge Holder

Great for compact space
Loved this simple dispenser plus sponge holder. Lightweight, narrow and sturdy—it holds 16 ounces of soap. Caveat: lacks no-skid base.

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Best Soap + Sponge Holder: Casabella Sink Sider Solo with Sponge

After trying out several kitchen soap dispensers, here’s our favorite soap plus sponge holder: Casabella’s Sink Sider Solo Sponge.

When comparing soap dispensers, we looked for compact, sturdy dispensers that were easy to load with soap. Casabella’s hit all the right notes—plus it is easy on the wallet. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Sturdy.

• Compact. This caddy is only 3″ wide—so it can fit in narrow spaces.

• Lightweight.

• 2 storage areas for sponges (side and back).

• Easy to fill. It holds about 16 ounces of soap. A few dissenters found it hard to open for refills—but the test unit we tried was easy to open and fill.

• Base comes off for cleaning.

• Also available in black as well as a two-pump version.

• Nice looking. Here’s what the dispenser looks like in real life in our test kitchen (that is, our kitchen):

Best kitchen soap dispenser casabella

What Needs Work

• No non-stick base? It would be nice if this dispender didn’t move around when you pumped soap. We didn’t find this too big of a drawback, however. It mostly stayed in place in our tests.

• Side sponge compartment doesn’t hold larger sponges. But they would fit in the back compartment.

• It’s plastic. Yes, it can crack if dropped on the floor.

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Best Decorative Glass

Holds the most soap among those tested
Ridged glass nicely disguises dish soap, while looking quite stylish. Easy on the wallet, compact. Also nice: includes silicone pad to keep it steady. Stainless steel pump completes vintage look.

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Best Decorative Glass: Albayrak Soap Dispenser with Non-Slip Silicone Pad

If you prefer a more decorative look for a kitchen soap dispenser, we would recommend this choice: the Albayrak clear glass soap dispenser.

It was the best looking kitchen soap dispenser we tested—the ridged glass nicely disguised dish soap . . . while letting you easily see how much remains.

What We Liked

 Holds 18 ounces of soap. That’s more than most kitchen soap dispensers—and the most among those we tested.

• Vintage looking, vertically striped glass.

• Includes silicone pad to keep it from sliding around.

• Narrow, 3.3″ diameter base. 

• Stainless steel pump.

• Cute little tag you can write on.

• Nice gift item.

What Needs Work

• The no-slip silicone pad is blue—and that might not match your decor.

• Soap can turn black. Eventually, the spring inside this dispenser rusts—and that can turn the soap black once it is dispensed. Which doesn’t look very pleasant.

• Tag isn’t waterproof. If it gets wet, any markings will run.

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Best Steel Soap Dispenser

Contemporary, sleek look
Excellent quality and ease of use made this dispenser a top pick. Loved the clear portion at bottom to show soap level. Caveat: only holds 12 ounces of soap.

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Best Steel Soap Dispenser: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

Stainless steel is a favorite classic look for kitchen soap dispensers, the readers of our parenting books confirm. When we tried out several stainless steel soap dispensers, one rose above the pack: OXO’s Good Grips stainless steel soap dispenser.

We generally have found OXO to be a quality, reputable brand—and this dispenser didn’t disappoint.

What We Liked

• One-hand pump.

• No slip base.

• Button is easy to press.

• Stainless steel exterior hides fingerprints.

• Clear bottom lets you see the remaining amount of soap.

• Modern/stylish. 

What Needs Work

• Only holds 12 ounces of soap. That’s the least of the dispensers we tested—which means more refilling.

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Best Soap/Sponge Pump

How come no one thought of this before?
Brilliant idea—soap goes right into sponge when you push down on this dispenser! Holds 13 ounces of soap. Loved the grippy feet that keep it in place.

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Best Soap/Sponge Pump: S&T Soap Pump Dispenser and Holder

Sometimes you see an innovative twist on a product and think . . . how come no one ever thought of this before? We loved this clever soap pump dispenser—the sponge sits on top, then you push down to dispense a small amount of soap . . . right into the sponge. Brilliant!

What We Liked

• Easy on the wallet.

• Grippy, no-slip base.

• Allows for one-handed use.

• Holds 13 ounces of soap.

• Super easy to use.

• Looks modern/sleek.

What Needs Work

• Faux stainless steel (that is, plastic) rim fades/scratches over time. 

• Not great at getting soap for hand washing.

• May have to pump two or three times to get enough soap. 

Why Trust Us

We’ve been rating and reviewing products for the home and families since 1994. We do hands-on testing—we buy the products with our own money and evaluate with an eye toward quality, ease of use and affordability.

Here’s another key point: we don’t take money from the brands we review. No free samples, no sponsors, no “partnerships.” Our work is 100% reader-supported!

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