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What are the best water balloons? For the answer, we turned to the experts: kids! We had actual kiddos try out 10 of the most popular water balloons on the market today. Which were easiest to fill? Most fun? Budget-friendly? Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best Quick-Filling Water Balloons

Fill 100 balloons in 60 seconds!
Loved these quick-filling balloons, which are self-sealing. Attach a garden hose and the fun commences! Recyclable, but a bit pricey. And you must use them quickly after filling.

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Best Quick-Filling Water Balloons: ZURU Bunch O Balloons

Yes, it was a very wet job, but somebody had to do it—we had actual kids try out 10 of the most popular water balloons.

Before we get on with the winners, one quick tip we learned during our testing: when filling water balloons, start with a cooler or container that is partially filled with water. That way you have somewhere to store the balloons without them breaking.

Now back to our recommendations. In the category of “why didn’t they think of that sooner,” we loved ZURU Bunch O Balloon’s quick filling water balloons. You attach a garden hose and fill up multiple balloons at once. Quick and fun.

What We Liked

• Self sealing. There is a plastic straw that is attached to each balloon with a rubber band, Each bunch is gathered together with a funnel and attachment for a garden hose. Fill 100 balloons at a time.

• 60 seconds to fill 100 balloons.

• FUN!

• Good for summer parties.

What Needs Work

• Have to use them immediately. Otherwise, the balloons will leak.

• Pricey.

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Best Budget-Friendly Water Balloons

Fun, colorful and biodegradable
These are the classic water balloons you remember from your childhood—includes a funnel to fill from a garden hose. Easy on the wallet, but takes time to fill.

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Best Budget-Friendly Water Balloons: Hibery 500 Pack Water Balloons with Refill Kits

If you don’t mind taking the time to fill them, Hibery’s 500 water balloon pack is easy on the wallet.

What We Liked

 Great colors.

• 100% latex.

• Includes funnel to fill from a garden hose.

• Biodegradable.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Small.

• Thin latex = they break easily! That’s the challenge with water balloons . . . you want them thin enough to break upon impact, but not too thin that they break during filling!

• Take time to fill.

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Best Reusable Water Balloons

Great for a birthday party
Our kid testers loved these water balls—cotton pom poms that can be filled with water and thrown again and again. And they pack a good amount of water with each hit! Fun! Eco-friendly.

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Best Reusable Water Balloons: High Bounce Catch-A-Splash Waterballs

And now for something different—a reusable water balloon. High Bounce’s Catch-a-Splash Waterballs are essentially pom poms that can be soaked in water again and again. Our kid testers loved these alternative water balloons . . . fun without the clean up.

What We Liked

• Longer lasting fun. Water balloons are great—but once they are gone, the fun is over. These reusable water balloons allow for more fun.

• Big splash with each hit.

• Washable.

• Soft cotton material.

• Eco friendly. No mess to throw away or recycle.

What Needs Work

• No bounce.

• Sometimes fall apart after multiple uses.  We didn’t have a problem with this in our tests. However, we do see reports of this from other parents.

• Can get dirty. When they land, they can pick up dirt/mud.

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