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What's the best trampoline sprinkler? Yes, trampolines are fun—until the summer turns them into frying pans! Trampoline sprinklers are an affordable way to extend the use of your kid's trampoline into the summer months. To find the best bets, we surveyed the readers of our parenting books (2.1 million books in print). What were the easiest to install? The most fun? Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best overall

Double-walled hose = good quality
We loved this trampoline sprinkler—easy to install and well designed. White stripe shows you what side sprays up. Nice feature: warm up zone that isn't sprayed. Brass hose fittings.

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Best Overall: Trampoline Waterpark Heavy Duty Sprinkler Hose

Traditional trampolines are fun, but they have one major flaw: the black surface gets very hot in the summer sun.

To the rescue comes the trampoline sprinkler: this water hose is designed to attach around a trampoline’s safety netting. Water jets cool off the air on and around the trampoline—prefect for summer fun.

One word of caution: always turn on the water SLOWLY when you first use the sprinkler. That’s because high water pressure can damage or bust the sprinkler lines. Since every home has different levels of water pressure, it’s wise to start off low and slowly raise the water level.

We surveyed the readers of our parenting books to find the best sprinklers for trampolines. Then we spent 7 hours comparing their recommendations, looking for the best quality and value.

As a result, we pick Thrill Zoo’s Trampoline Waterpark Heavy Duty Sprinkler Hose as the best overall trampoline sprinkler. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Double-walled hose is mark of good quality. Less expensive trampoline sprinklers have less robust tubing,

• Easy to use—attach to hose and poof! Waterpark here you go.

• White stripe helps you locate which part sprays the water, so you can set it up correctly.

• Attaches to safety netting that comes with most trampolines.

• Brass hose fittings.

What Needs Work

• Can tear trampoline net if kids are overzealous on the bouncing. Adult supervision is probably a smart thing here.

• Water can damage trampoline if allowed to sit. It’s best to towel off the trampoline pad and surface when you are done—pooled water can damage the trampoline.

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Easy to install

39 feet of sprinkler hose
Good quality trampoline water sprinkler. Nice bonus: comes in 2 colors (blue and black). Includes spare water connector.

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Easy to Install: ARTBECK Trampoline Sprinkler

This sprinkler hose is similar in design to the Jasonwell trampoline sprinkler we just recommended—the big difference is this model includes a spare hose connector, in case you lose the first one!

What We Liked

• 39′ foot hose works well for trampolines up to 14′ wide.

• Easy to set up.

• Fun!

What Needs Work

• No directions? 

• High water pressure can break hose. 

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Best Budget-Friendly

Super easy to install
We liked this mister-style hose with adjustable water flow. That's unique—most trampoline sprinklers don't have that fine level of adjustment.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler

This trampoline sprinkler is a reader favorite with a bonus: it’s also easy on the wallet. Our readers said this one was super easy to install and the verdict from the kids: super fun!

What We Liked

• A little water pressure goes a long way. You don’t need much water pressure to run these sprinklers—in fact, the lower the pressure, the better so it doesn’t overshoot the trampoline.

• Easy to install.

• Water pressure can be adjusted on the valve.

What Needs Work

• Length might not work f0r larger trampolines. This sprinkler has 39 feet of length—good for most basic, 14-foot trampolines. But it is not ideal for trampolines over 15 feet.

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