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What are the best small American flags? Which work best for a boat or car? A desk? Or parades? We looked at a dozen small American flags, judging them for quality, vibrancy and, of course, affordability!

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Best For Flag Cars/Boats

Embroidered stars, sewn strips
We liked this vibrant 12" x 18" flag's bright colors and brass grommets. Works well on a boat. Easy on the wallet. Made in China.

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Best For Flag Cars/Boats: G128 American Flag 12” x 18” Embroidered Stars

Flags that are a foot by a foot and a half are perfect for a vehicle or boat. We looked at five different options before deciding G128’s 12″ x 18″ flags were the best bets. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Embroidered stars and sewn stripes. Less expensive small flags have printed stars and stripes.

• Vibrant colors!

• Brass grommets.

• Double needle lockstitch on hem.

• Polyester fabric good for indoors or outdoors.

What Needs Work

• Made in China. 

• Can fray in strong wind. That’s true for most small flags we tested, however!

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Best Stick Flag

Made in the USA
Need a dozen flags for a parade? We liked these best—cotton fabric, wooden dowels and 10" length. Great for table centerpieces as well.

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Best Stick Flag: GIFTEXPRESS set of 12 Proudly Made in USA Small American Flags

Stick flags are great for parades, table centerpieces or just when you’d like to honor someone who served our country. Gift Express’s stick flag was the choice that stood out in our testing—this set of a dozen flags is easy on the wallet.

What We Liked

• Made in the USA.

• Wooden dowel.

• Brass colored (painted) tip.

• Cotton fabric, which is stapled to the stick.

• 10″ length. 

• Good value for a dozen flags.

What Needs Work

• Stick is fragile. We see reports it can break in shipping—the package we ordered didn’t have any broken ones, however.

• Flag can come off stick easily. Let’s be honest: these flags are not intended for long term use!

• Not great for gardens or planters. The cotton fabric won’t stand up to the weather, but these stick flags can be used for celebrations or other limited time events!

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Best Flag Desk Set

Easy on the wallet
Loved the simple polyester American flag with fade resistant printing. 6" x 4" size is perfect for a desk or table decoration. Made in China.

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Best Flag Desk Set: Anley USA Deluxe Desk Flag Set

A small American flag with stand is perfect for a desk or accent for display. We looked at a handful of options for this and thought Anley’s desk flag set was a good choice.

What We Liked

• Polyester fabric.

• Affordable.

• Fade resistant printing.

• 6″ x 4″ flag with 12″ flagpole—perfect size for a desk.

• Can remove flag from base if you wish.

What Needs Work

• Made in China.

• Stand is sometimes wobbly.

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Best Bulk Flag Set

For parades, centerpieces
If you need a giveaway idea or have to come up with 100 flags for a celebration, this bulk set is what we'd recommend. Polyester fabric + plastic stick = weatherproof!

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Best Bulk Flag Set: Pack of 100, Small US American Handheld Flags

If you’re in charge of a parade or school pageant and need to buy small flags in bulk, we think Crystal Lemon’s pack of 100 American flags is the best bet. They are rain proof (if it rains on your parade) and feature decent quality for use in table centerpieces.

What We Liked

• Good value. Yep, this pack of 100 flags is definitely easy on the wallet.

• 4″ x 6″ flags wrapped around plastic sticks. The plastic is more weather-proof than wooden dowels, in our opinion.

• Polyester fabric flag can be used outdoors. Some smaller American flags are printed on cotton fabric, which doesn’t take the weather well.

What Needs Work

• Flag can sometimes slide down the stick. 

• Fabric frays after short time. But that’s true for almost all of the small American flags we tried out—they aren’t designed for long-term durability.

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