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What's the best shower caddy? To find out, we purchased a dozen top brands and put them to the test. What was most convenient? Sturdiest? What would work best for a college dorm? Here are the winners.

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Best Budget-Friendly

8 outer pockets + dries quickly!
We loved this simple shower caddy that is lightweight, yet loaded with storage. Easy on the wallet, although we wish the not-so-deep pockets would fit larger shampoo bottles better.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy

Shower caddies come in two basic varieties: mesh and plastic.

Mesh shower caddies are lightweight and dry quickly . . . that’s what makes mesh great!

Plastic shower caddies are more sturdy and can fit into smaller spaces—let’s be honest, many college dorm showers are not exactly spacious.

For the best budget-friendly shower caddy, we tried out several affordable brands before deciding Attmu’s Mesh Shower Caddy did a great job . . . at a price that is easy on the wallet. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Side pockets! Very convenient.

• Dries quickly.

• Affordable.

• Lightweight and easy to carry.

• Handles lets you hang it from a hook in a shower.

What Needs Work

• Pockets aren’t very deep so taller shampoo bottles may fall out.

• Single strap = balance issues. It would be nicer to have two straps. (One version of this caddy—the striped one—does have two handles).

• Too big? Too small? This caddy has 8 outer compartments and measures about 7″ by 6″ by 6″.  We thought it was just the right size for most folks . . . but we know some people want something bigger. And others need to fit a shower caddy into a smaller space. For that, see our next pick.

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Best Small Shower Caddy

Great for RV's, tight spaces
Yes, it is bit more pricey than mesh options, but we loved the overall design of this caddy with 9 (!) compartments. Sturdy—can stand by itself. Drain holes keep water from collecting inside.

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Best Small Shower Caddy: iDesign Orbz Plastic Bathroom Shower Tote

College dorm showers aren’t exactly the bathrooms at the Four Seasons—many are so small, a larger shower caddy simply takes up too much room. If this is your situation, we’d recommend iDesign’s Orbz Plastic Bathroom Shower Tote.

We tried out several plastic, compact shower caddies and thought iDesign did it best. It’s narrow 6″ width fit well into small spaces.

What We Liked


• Durable.

• Drain holes at bottom keep water from collecting.

• Special center area for bar soap.

• 9 total compartments.

• Side ventilation.

• Looks nice!

What Needs Work

• Larger or bulk-size shampoo bottles might not fit. 

• Stiff plastic handles sometimes have sharp inside surfaces—be careful!

• Pricey at least compared to mesh options.

• Too small for some folks. If you need something larger, consider the next pick.

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Best Large Shower Caddy

Roomy, can fit rolled towel inside!
This larger shower caddy impressed us with 7 outside compartments. Mesh fabric keeps it dry and little design touches (key clip) are thoughtful. Great for college dorm.

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Best Large Shower Caddy: Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy Tote

We know—many shower caddies are small and don’t fit larger shampoo bottles. If you have more than the average number of shower items (yes, we are looking at you, girl), we’d suggest Haundry’s Mesh Shower Caddy Tote.

We liked the thoughtful design here—notice the clip for keys.

What We Liked

• 7 outside pockets.

• Generous size holds bigger bottles. This caddy is about 9″ long and 7.7″ wide, plus 8″ tall. That’s definitely bigger than the first mesh carrier we recommended in this article.

• Rolled towel fits in large main compartment.

• Key clip.

• Affordable.

• Good sized for college dorms . . . if you have the space!

What Needs Work

• Handles could be more durable. We see a few reports the handles can break.

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