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What are the best preschool workbooks? We surveyed the readers of our parenting books to find their favorites. Then we asked a group of preschool teachers for their picks. And finally, we ordered in the most suggested workbooks and gave them to actual preschoolers to try! Here are the ones we recommend to you.

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Best Preschool Learning

Highly recommended by our readers
We loved all the activities here—from mazes to early math, letter recognition plus colors and shapes. Great illustrations. Caveat: we wish the pages were perforated! Ages 3-5 years.

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Best Preschool Learning: School Zone Big Preschool Workbook

This workbook was a kid favorite! Parents liked it for the fine motor skills including pre-writing skills, early math and more.

What We Liked

• Great illustrations!

• Lots of activities.

• Aimed at ages 3 to 5.

• Online companion.

• Teaches how to follow directions.

• Colors and shapes.

What Needs Work

• Pages are not perforated. 

• A bit repetitive with some activities.

• Some preschoolers may find this workbook too easy.

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Best Writing Skills Workbook

Easy-to-follow instructions
This workbook focuses on letters and numbers—excellent for preschoolers to get them ready for writing! Over 80 pages of activities. Nicely designed. Ages 3-5 years.

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Best Writing Skills Workbook: My First Learn to Write Workbook

Aimed at 3+ year olds, this workbook is our pick for teaching preschoolers writing skills. Develops pen control . . . which is important!

What We Liked

 Easy instructions to follow.

• 80 pages of writing practice.

• Tracing letters and numbers.

What Needs Work

• Pages aren’t perforated. But there is a spiral-bound version of this workbook available as well.

• Tracing around the edges of letter “bubbles” frustrated some parents. They’d rather have their kids trace actual letters.

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Best Fun Graphics Workbook

63 pages with color illustrations
This workbook focuses on key concepts for math and reading readiness. We liked the counting and matching activities. Ages 3-5 years.

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Best Fun Graphics Workbook: School Zone Preschool Basics Workbook

Any parent of a preschooler will tell you what makes a great workbook—fun graphics! Yes, your preschooler is supposed to be learning numbers, matching, colors and more . . . but the more fun the graphics, the better engaged a preschooler will be. At least that was one result of our real-world testing!

What We Liked

• For ages 3-5.

• Online companion activities.

• Favorite activity: looking for differences in graphics.

• Well-designed.

• Easy to follow instructions.

What Needs Work

• Too easy for some advanced preschoolers! Best Preschool Workbooks

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Best Foundational Skills

Colorful and fun
Our preschool testers loved the 101 activities in this book. Favorite feature: tracking your progress on a star chart. Well designed and easy to use. Ages 3-4 years.

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Best Foundational Skills: My Preschool Workbook

This was another favorite of our preschool testers—and it came recommended from more than one preschool teacher! Here’s more:

What We Liked

• 101 activities.

• Number worksheets are particularly well-designed!

• Kids loved tracking their progress on the star page.

• Great for ages 3 to 4.

• Focuses on colors, letters, shapes, patterns, numbers and words.

• Lots of tracing and coloring. Best Preschool Workbooks

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Best Preschool Workbooks

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