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What are the best premium strollers for baby? Like luxury vehicles, premium strollers offer plush fabrics, silky smooth suspensions and design panache—albeit, at a price! Which ones actually deliver on the luxury promise? And which ones are pretenders? We gathered 15 premium strollers and did a stroller smackdown—we had actual parents and babies use them! Here are the best bets.

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Best Premium Stroller for Everyday Use

Smooth handling . . . like butter!
Loved this lightweight stroller—steering, comfort and ease of use are best-in-class. Folds quickly with one hand. But no height adjustable handle. And storage basket is small.

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Best Premium Stroller for Everyday Use: Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller

The Babyzen YOYO is one of those rare premium strollers that actually delivers on its promises—pricey, but impressive in its performance and features. Besides testing it ourselves, we interviewed parents who used this stroller for months and the vast majority sing this stroller’s praises. Here’s why:

What We Liked

 One-hand, quick fold. (Ok, you first have to put down the hood before folding.)

• Extended canopy for more sun coverage.

• Cushy seat padding.

• Car seat adapters (sold separately) for some Cybex, Maxi Cosi infants car seats.

• One hand steering. Yep, it pushes like a premium stroller: smooth like butter!

• Multi-position reclining seat. But it doesn’t fully recline—so not as good for infants.

• Seat fabric is removable for washing.

• Independent suspension on all four wheels. That cushioned the bumps, in our tests. Impressive!

• Compact when folded: 20.4″ x 17.3″ x 7″.

• Very lightweight: 13.23 lbs.

What Needs Work

• 40 lb. weight limit. Yep, that is 10 lbs. LESS than competitors like the Bugaboo Ant. That means you’ll get less use out of this pricey investment, unfortunately.

•  No height adjustable handle means taller parents may end up kicking the back of the stroller. In our tests, it worked fine for parents up to 6′ tall, however. Taller than that and you might wish for an adjustable handle!

• No footrest. But that is often the case with lightweight strollers.

• Small storage basket. It’s adequate for life in the suburbs . . . but don’t try going grocery shopping in a big city!

• Color packs are sometimes extra. Note this stroller is sold with a frame + color pack, which is the seat fabric and canopy. Be aware that other Babyzen YOYO models are sold just as the frame. The color packs are an extra purchase! Who does that?

• No cup holder.

• Limited car seat compatibility. This stroller doesn’t fit Chicco’s popular infant car seat, for example.

• Pricey newborn kit (with flat seat and bassinet-like enclosure) is extra purchase. Hence, the basic Babyzen YOYO recommended in this article is better for older kids (5 months+) than newborns because the seat doesn’t fully recline.

• Buckle-on newborn kit is “extremely confusing and irritating,” said one of our mom testers.

• Foam covered handle? At this price, why isn’t it leather? That’s like buying a Lexus with cloth seats.

• When folded, the stroller handle hits the ground—and that can cause wear and tear.

Bottom line: this is a fantastic lightweight stroller for everyday use that beats its peers on steering, weight and features. But it can be an expensive purchase: stroller + newborn kit + color packs equals the GDP of a small country. And Babyzen makes it confusing with all the different configurations. Yet it is obvious why Babyzen has legions of fans: this premium stroller delivers.

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Best Premium Stroller for the Big City

One-hand steering, all terrain wheels
An excellent solution for urban parents. Advanced suspension, self-standing fold, large basket and overall design with beautiful lines, fabric.

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Best Premium Stroller for the Big City: Bugaboo Fox 3 Complete Full-Size Stroller

If you live in a big city (we are looking at you, parents in New York City, Boston, DC), your stroller may be your primary vehicle for getting around, shopping and grocery store runs.

Cracked sidewalks? Potholes? Downpours? Snowstorms? If you live in a city, you need a robust stroller that can stand up to the urban environment.

Bugaboo’s Fox aims to fill that niche, with a multi-function stroller that the manufacturer describes as “fully loaded” with “all terrain wheels.” We put it to the test and came away with these impressions:

What We Liked

• Advanced suspension handles rough sidewalks. We loved the smooth ride.

• Maneuvered well with one-hand steering. That’s especially helpful when you are navigating in a store.

• One-piece, self-standing fold. Earlier Bugaboo models required you to remove the seat to fold the frame; the Fox lets you fold it with the seat on.

• Includes bassinet so you can use the Fox from birth.

• Compatible with Bugaboo’s own infant car seat, the Turtle, as well as adapters for other brands like Maxi Cosi, Chicco, Clek, Nuna, Peg Perego, Britax and Cybex (seats and adapters sold separately). That wide compatibility is impressive, as other premium strollers only have limited car seat adapters (we’re looking you, Babyzen).

• Weight limit 49.5 lbs.

• Seat has three position recline. 

• Eco-friendly recycled fabrics.

• Includes rain cover.

• Canopy is UPF 50+.

• Height-adjustable, leather-wrapped handle bar. Tall parents told us they loved the handle.

• Sleek design. Look at those fabrics! So pretty.

What Needs Work

• Assembly can be complicated. If you enjoy putting together IKEA furniture, we have a stroller for you. On the plus side, there are helpful videos.

• No cup holder? Really?

• Priced as if it came from a hotel mini bar.

Bottom line: The Bugaboo Fox is a good stroller for urban parents. We liked the overall design and smooth handling. And such style! If you have the bankroll, this is a great premium stroller for the big city.

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Best Premium Stroller for Jogging

Perfect for outdoor adventures
We liked this lightweight, well-designed stroller with air-filled tires for easy maneuvering. Quick, one-hand fold, twist-action brake, storage basket with cover are highlights.

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Best Premium Stroller for Jogging: Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Thule is probably best known for its bike-related gear, but the company’s recent entry into the jogging stroller market has won kudos from parents.

For the best premium stroller for jogging, we recommend the Thule Urban Glide 2 (the number refers to the second generation of the stroller’s design, not the number of kids it can transport).

These are well-designed jogging strollers with very good quality. We tried out the Urban Glide 2 and asked parents who’ve used it for a year to give us their feedback. Here’s what we learned:

What We Liked

• Lightweight: 25.3 lbs. Other jogging strollers on the market can tip the scales at 30+ lbs.!

• 16″ air-filled tires in back go over bumps with ease.

• Super easy to push and maneuver.

• One-hand compact fold. The fold earns much praise from parents we interviewed and we agree!

• Height-adjustable handlebar with twist-action hand brake. There is also a foot brake.

• Storage basket with zippered cover—to keep your things from getting muddy on trails. Nice touch.

• Built-in suspension.

• Lockable front wheel. That’s helpful if you plan to jog, as it keeps the stroller from wobbling.

• Multi-position canopy has side ventilation and sun shade.

• Storage pockets inside seat are a nice touch.

• One-hand seat recline.

• Double version also available.

What Needs Work

• Air filled tires = maintenance. This is true for all jogging strollers with air-filled tires, of course. It’s good to have a small air pump on hand. And yes, there will be flats.

• Seat a bit on the small side. Larger kiddos may outgrow this stroller before they hit 75 lbs.

• Safety lock when folded breaks too easily. This latch keeps the stroller together when folded. Thule needs to beef up this lock.

• Visible brake cord mares otherwise sleek design. Thule should have probably hidden the cord in the handlebar, as is more common at this price level.

• Wobbles when running at fast speed. If you are a serious runner, you probably should consider a jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel, not this model. Why? Jogging strollers like the Urban Glide 2 with turnable wheels will still wobble a bit even when the wheel is locked in position. This is true for most jogging strollers with turnable wheels.

Bottom line: Thule’s Urban Glide 2 is an excellent premium jogging stroller for outdoor exercise. Loved the quick fold and overall design with excellent suspension.

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