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What's the best jellyfish lamp? And why are these so mesmerizing and calming? We compared 12 different jellyfish lamps and asked our parent readers for their favorites (jellyfish lamps make great night lights). Interestingly, we heard from readers who said these lamps have a relaxing effect, reducing anxiety and stress. Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best Jellyfish Lamp Overall

Perfect as a night light
Loved this affordable lamp, where the jellyfish can "swim" for four hours (auto shut-off). 12 colors can cycle through or choose just one color. 9.1" tall tank fits nicely on a desk or dresser.

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Best Jellyfish Lamp Overall: Colorlife Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp

Jellyfish have to be our favorite exhibit when visiting our local aquarium—beautiful, haunting and mesmerizing, we could watch these things swim all day.

Good news: now you can bring that experience home with a jellyfish lamp—yes, a lamp with realistic-looking jellyfish that swim around a small water tank. 

Jellyfish lamps make great night lights . . . and we heard from more than one of our readers who think they also help reduce stress and anxiety. There’s something calming about these lamps!

Before you purchase a jellyfish lamp, a few tips.

All of these lamps require the jellyfish to be soaked in liquid detergent for a day or so. This enables them to “swim” correctly. Also important: some lamps require purified or distilled water. Bottom line: follow the set up instructions closely!

For the best overall jellyfish lamp, we like the Colorlife Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp. It’s the ideal size (9.1″ tall) to fit nicely on most desks or shelves. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Quiet!

• Great as a night light (although it does have a four hour auto-shut off . . . so it won’t be on all night).

• 12 different colors that can cycle through. Or you can choose a single color.

What Needs Work

• Must soak the jellyfish in liquid detergent for a day before using. Follow the directions! If not, the jellyfish may not float or swim correctly. 

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Best Tall Jellyfish Lamp

So pretty!
The realistic jellyfish tentacles are the star here—and the taller tank enables more mesmerizing swimming! 5 colors. Yes, a bit pricey, but we liked the overall quality. 4 hour auto shut-off.

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Best Tall Jellyfish Lamp: Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp

Jellyfish lamps can be addictive—and if you start with a small lamp, you may soon be finding yourself buying a taller version. If that’s you, we recommend Lightahead’s LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp. At 14″ tall, it is perfect for a desk or bookshelf. Similar to other lamps, you can cycle through five colors or just choose a single color. 

What We Liked

• Relaxing!

 Auto shut-off after four hours.

• 5-color cycle. Yes, you can choose just one color if you wish.

• Easy to set up.

• Great conversation starter.

What Needs Work

• Not as many color choices as other lamps. We thought the five colors was adequate though. 

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Best Budget-Friendly Lamp

Can run off batteries
A compact, mini jellyfish lamp we love—3 LED lights (red, blue, green) light up 2 jellies. Soft light would work well as a night light in a kids room. Quiet motor!

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Best Budget-Friendly Lamp: Lightahead LED Mini Desktop Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp

This lamp is made by the same company as the tall jellyfish lamp discussed above. Same basic concept, just smaller tank—8.7″ versus 14″ for the tall version.  

One difference: this lamp can work off 3 AAA batteries (or A/C power). So it can go cordless if you wish.

What We Liked

• Compact size makes a nice night light.

• 3 LED lights (red, blue, green) given shimmer effect as jellyfish swim around.

• Easy to set up.

What Needs Work

• Batteries don’t last long. It’s probably best to run this off A/C power. 

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Best Jellyfish Lamp Night Light

4 colors cycle through
This square jellyfish tank is 12" tall and is easy on the wallet. Makes for a great night light, although there is a four hour auto-shut-off. Must use distilled water in the tank.

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Best Jellyfish Lamp Night Light: Calover Electric Jellyfish Night Light

Jellyfish lamps make for great night lights for a kids room (or teenager . . . or young adult). This jellyfish lamp is a kid favorite: the jellyfish are very realistic! Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Excellent gift.

• 4 hour auto shut-off.

• 4 colors that can cycle—or chose one solid color.

What Needs Work

• Jellyfish can get stuck. Not a big deal, as you can unstick them . . . but if it happens frequently, we understand why some folks get frustrated!

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