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What is the best bar and chain oil for a chainsaw? And no, you can't use motor oil—it is not the right viscosity. Bar and chain oil is specially made with a tacky substance called tackifier. The bar and chain are in constant contact with each other—without bar and chain oil, the friction and heat could damage the saw. We consulted tree contractors for their advice on the best bar and chain oil. Then we did additional research, comparing performance and value. Here are the best bets.

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Best Budget-Friendly Oil

Gets the job done
Yes, bar and chain oil can be pricey—this brand is an excellent performer, yet the price is easy on the wallet. From the same company that makes top-rated chainsaws.
$12.48 ($0.39 / Fl Oz)

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Best Budget-Friendly Oil: Husqvarna 610000023 Bar & Chain Oil

Yes, you should be adding bar and chain oil every time you fuel up a chain saw. Or if you are using an electric or battery-powered chainsaw and notice it is running slowly, it is probably time to add bar and chain oil.

Based in Sweden, Husqvarna is one of the biggest makers of commercial-grade lawn and garden gear—including chainsaws. The company’s model 455 Rancher is one of the best-rated chainsaws, in recent lab report research we looked at. So it stands to reason the company’s bar and chain oil is also excellent.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Clings well to the chain.

• Helps keep chain cool.

• Blend of base stocks and tackifier additives.

• Affordable.

Best Overall

The gold standard for bar chain oil
The Oregon chainsaw brand traces its roots to 1947 . . . so they know a thing or two about bar and chain oil. Excellent quality, even if it is a bit pricey.

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Best Overall: Oregon 54-026 Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

When you talk with folks who regularly use chainsaws, one brand comes up time and time again when it comes to best quality: Oregon.

The Oregon Saw Chain Manufacturing Corporation traces its roots back to 1947. . . these folks know a thing or two about chainsaws. Their bar and chain oil (54-026) is considered the gold standard, according to experts we interviewed for this article.

Yes, it is a bit pricey, but worth it in our opinion. Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Long lasting.

• Excellent performance.

• High film-strength.

• Extra high tackiness.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Spout could be smaller.

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Best Bulk Size

Made in China
This gallon-size container of bar and chain oil is great for heavy duty users—and the price is reasonable. Good viscosity.
$33.76 ($0.26 / Fl Oz)

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Best Bulk Size Oil: Mag 1 Bar and Chain Oil, 1 gal. (MAG62456)

If our first two choices are unavailable, this would be a good substitute. And it is easy on the wallet, considering the bulk-size (gallon) container. If you regularly use your chainsaw, having a gallon of this bar chain oil around makes sense. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Good viscosity.

• Affordable.

• Gets the job done.

• Large, gallon size container.

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Best Tried & True Brand

Not too thin or too thick
A good bar and chain oil—if our other picks aren't available, this is a good back-up choice. Minimizes resin build-up. Includes anti-wear additive (ZDDP).

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Best Tried & True Brand: STP Tools and Chainsaw Oil Treatment

This bar and chain oil’s claim to fame is its “anti-wear technology.” Basically, it is balanced viscosity . . . not to thin or too thick. And it works well.

What We Liked

• Good performance.

• Works well.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Could be easier to pour. 

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