Last Updated: May 23, 2023 @ 11:29 am.

How can you not love Baby Yoda (aka, The Child, Grogu)? We asked our in-house Star Wars enthusiasts to help us find the best baby Yoda merch—toys, plush, blankets and more. Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best Baby Yoda Gifts

We turned to our own expert Star Wars enthusiasts for advice on the best Baby Yoda gifts. We learned that when it comes to popularity, there are four basic categories of Baby Yoda gifts: plush, animatronic, blankets and bobbleheads.

We went through 23 different Baby Yoda items before picking this curated selection of the best gifts. These items combined the best value, most fun and (when it comes to The Child) the most “adorable-ness”. 

Let’s start with the best Baby Yoda plush!

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Best Plush Baby Yoda

Super soft . . . and adorable
Stare into those jet black eyes and tell us you aren't captivated—this plush is spot-on with details, down to the fleece on The Child's robe. Weighted bottom keeps this plush Baby Yoda from tipping over.

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Best Animatronic Baby Yoda

Favorite feature: the Force Nap
Yes, it giggles, babbles and 23 other sound/motion effects. Super cute—and captivating. Watch it close its eyes and nap . . . using The Force can take a lot out of you, apparently. Adorable and fun.

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Best Baby Yoda Blanket

Extra soft and comfy
This fleece blanket is perfect for a dorm room, kids room . . . or just for the couch. Machine washable and dryable. Super cute pose of The Child. Good housewarming gift for that Mandalorian enthusiast among your friends.

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Best Baby Yoda Bobblehead

Perfect for the office
Love the expression and cup on this stylized collectible doll. Adorable! Perfect addition to a Star Wars figurine collection . . . or as a gift for mom or dad's workspace.

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