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What's the best baby car mirror? Safety experts agree: kids are safer when riding rear-facing in a car seat. And many states are now mandating longer use of rear-facing seats. That creates a new dilemma, however: how do you see what's going on back there? To the rescue come baby car mirrors, small mirrors that are designed to give you a view of your rear-facing baby while driving. We tested 7 different baby car mirrors, checking to see which ones are most secure, easiest to view and install. Here are the winners.

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Best Baby Car Mirror Overall

Affordable, adjustable winner
We found this mirror to be easiest to install and just the right size. Loved how it can swivel to show child in middle back seat.

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Best Baby Car Mirror Overall: Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

Before we recommend the best baby car mirror, a word on safety—these mirrors work well for seeing your baby in the backseat. In fact, perhaps they work too well! Some parents report the mirrors can be distracting, since as a parent you might be watching your baby instead of the road. Try to only look at these mirrors when your vehicle is stopped.

All these mirrors are made of shatterproof acrylic glass. The larger mirrors recommended in this article are convex in shape—that helps get a better view of the backseat. Some folks complain, however, that convex mirrors have a somewhat distorted view. This didn’t bother us, but we can see how it would irk others.

We tested seven different mirrors that can show your rear-facing baby in their car seat. Shynerk’s Baby Car Mirror (model SH-M-01) won the top honors. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Easy to install. This mirror has two straps that wrap around a headrest. We could install it in a snap.

• Adjustable angle. This mirror sits in a ball joint so it can be swiveled to get just the right angle.

• Affordable. Some baby mirrors can get quite pricey—but we like this affordable option best.

What Needs Work

• Can be a bit stiff at first. Adjusting the mirror can take a bit of elbow grease when it is first installed.

• Doesn’t fit all headrests. Some vehicles with non-adjustable headrests don’t work well with this mirror.

• Some folks may want the bigger size. The same company makes the same version of this mirror in a bigger size with more of a wide angle view. This might work better in larger vehicles (SUV’s, minivans) with bigger back seats. See below for details.

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Best Budget-Friendly Baby Car Mirror

Smaller mirror, good for compact vehicles
Loved this super affordable mirror, which is easy to install. Good clarity.

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Best Budget-Friendly Baby Car Mirror: Jolly Jumper Driver’s Baby Mirror 360 Degree View

Sometimes smaller is better. If those large car mirrors seem like overkill for your smaller vehicle, this affordable option, Jolly Jumper Driver’s Baby Mirror, may do the trick.

What We Liked

• Affordable.

• Easy to install.

• May work better in smaller vehicles where you don’t need keep an eye on a large backseat.

What’s Needs Work

• Hard to use on stationary headrests, since it is designed to be strapped underneath the headrest. This mirror works on adjustable headrests.

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Best Baby Car Mirror, Bigger Version

Wide angle view great for SUVs
Larger version of top pick, this model is also easy to install. We loved how it can pivot to get just the right angle. Great for larger back seats.

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Best Baby Car Mirror, Bigger Version: Shynerk SH-M-02 Baby car mirror

This baby mirror, Shynerk SH-M-02,  is the same as our top pick, just bigger. It is 7.4″ high, versus 3.5″ for the above model. Both mirrors are 11.5″ long. The same pros and cons for our top pick apply this to pick—we can see folks with bigger back seats (SUV’s or minivans) finding this mirror a better bet.

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Best Easy-To-Assemble

Similar to our top pick
This mirror is very close in size and features to our top pick. Easy to install, but sometimes mirror view is distorted.

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Best Easy To Assemble: DARVIQS Car Seat Mirror

This mirror is very similar in design and specs as the Shynerk SH-M-02 mirror we recommend earlier in this article. It basically has the same design and offers an excellent, wide-angle view of a back seat. In case our top pick goes out of stock, this would be a good back up. 

Also nice: this mirror is easy to assemble and install.

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