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What's the best air hockey table? We asked our parent readers who have air hockey enthusiasts at home for their favorites. Then we did another 9 hours of research to compare quality, features and durability. Which were easiest to assemble? Fun to play in the dark? Here are the air hockey tables we recommend.

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Best For Kids

Easy to assemble
What's better than air hockey? Air hockey in the dark—we loved this table's illuminated features. Good stability and adjustable leg levelers make this a great table for kids.

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Best For Kids: Triumph Fire n’ Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

Let’s talk air hockey!

Air hockey traces its roots back to 1970, when it was invented by employees at the Brunswick company—that company is famous for their bowling equipment, boats and more.

There are three types of air hockey tables:

• Basic home models. These air hockey tables are great for beginners or kids—they are affordable and easy to assemble. They vary in size between four and six feet in length.

• Tabletop models. If space is tight, a tabletop model is a good solution. As you might guess, these are less expensive than home models with legs. We’ll recommend a tabletop model later in this article.

• Arcade-quality models. These weigh hundreds of pounds . . . and can cost thousands of dollars. Arcade-quality air hockey tables are beyond the scope of this article. 

We asked our parent readers who have air hockey tables for their favorites. Then we got to work, researching different brands. We evaluated air hockey tables based on overall quality and affordability. 

After looking at seven brands of basic home air hockey tables, we decided the best bet is the Triumph Fire n’ Ice LED light up table. As the name implies, this one is fun to play in the dark, thanks to a light-up puck and pushers. And it’s a good overall table, said our readers, even without the lights.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Great for kids. At 54″ long, this table is just right for kiddos and beginners. 

• Fun for dark tournaments.

• Good airflow.

• Easy to assemble.

• Weight (39 lbs.) makes it stable, but not too heavy to move around.

• Corner lights flash when you score.

• Legs can be adjusted with levelers.

What Needs Work

• No on/off switch. You plug it in to start.

• Goals are too small, say some users.

• Too small for more advanced air hockey enthusiasts. If you want a full-size table, see our next pick for a recommendation.

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Best Full-Size Table

Sound effects = fun!
We recommend this table for teens and adults—good overall quality, with LED scorekeeper. Assembly takes a couple of hours (and two people). Great size for a rec room.

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Best Full-Size Table: ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table

Warning: air hockey can be addictive.

If you start with a basic home table like the one recommended at the start of this article, you may soon look longingly at full-size tables. While the smaller tables are great for kids, they are sub-optimal for teenagers or adults.

In that case, we recommend the ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table as the best full-size air hockey table. Our readers loved this one—and even though it is full-size, it still is affordable (at least compared to other full-size models we researched).

When you spend more, you get upgrades—this table has a high-gloss playfield, for example. And convenience features, such as storage for pucks and pushers. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Big enough for adults.

• LED scorekeeper.

• Sound effects = lots of fun!

• 4 pucks and 4 pushers.

• Two cup holders.

• Storage for the strikers and pucks.

• Game timer.

• Leg levelers.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

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Best Tabletop Design

Great holiday gift, minutes to assemble
Love this simple, yet fun air hockey table—lightweight and easy to build. Hours of fun play. And at 14 lbs., it can be moved from room to room as needed.

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Best Tabletop Design: Sport Squad HX40 40 Inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

Yes, air hockey tables can get very pricey . . . but what if aren’t sure if your kids will really like it? 

A good way to try out air hockey without breaking the bank is a tabletop model. After researching five models recommended by our parent readers, we decided Sport Squad’s HX40’s tabletop air hockey table is the best bet for most folks.

At 14 lbs., this table is easy to move from room to room. And it is great for beginners.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy to assemble in 15 minutes.

• Lightweight.

• Great for kids.

• Quiet fan.

• No fancy electronics to keep score = less to break.

What Needs Work

• No on/off switch.

• Too small for adults.

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