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Smart Baby Monitor review: Angelcare. The Angelcare monitor launched in 1997 after engineer Maurice Pinsonnault bought the patent rights to a breathing monitor sold in the UK. In a nutshell, Angelcare has two functions: first, it is a regular audio baby monitor. Second, it measures baby’s “breathing movements” through a sensor placed under the crib mattress. If baby stops moving for 20 seconds, an alarm sounds on the parent unit.

Here’s our problem with this concept: Angelcare clearly plays on parents’ fears of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. However, experts such as the American Academy of Pediatrics say monitors like Angelcare don’t work in preventing SIDS. And Angelcare is very careful to steer clear of such promises (its website doesn’t refer to SIDS, only the “anxiety which all new parents face”).

Bottom line: if your baby has a medical condition that requires a breathing monitor, you need to get a medical grade monitor from your pediatrician.

In Angelcare’s defense, folks who have this monitor praise it for the “piece of mind.” But you can generally get the same piece of mind from any audio monitor that costs half as much as the Angelcare ($85 for a single, $100 for double receivers).

As a side note, we should mention that Angelcare does make an audio-only model (the AC420, $46.50). This model omits the breathing sensor and gets very good marks from parents. But it is rather pricey (by comparison, the Vtech audio monitor we recommend is 40% cheaper). And there is no dual receiver version of the Angelcare audio only monitor, limiting its appeal.

In recent years, Anglecare has expanded their line of monitors to include video monitors (around $100). Bottom line: Angelcare’s movement monitoring feature is not worthwhile, in our opinion. What you have left are audio or video monitors that are quite pricey compared to other brands. So we will give Angelcare a failing grade: if experts say movement monitors don’t prevent SIDS, what is the point?  Rating: Not Recommended.