BabySense Movement

The BabySense 5s Movement Monitor ($80) is similar to the Angelcare—using sensor pads, it detects baby’s movements to prevent SIDS (see photo below). If baby stops breathing, the parent unit sounds an alarm. But it isn’t an audio monitor so you won’t hear your baby crying.

HiSense, parent company for the monitor, claims it is the “original and first-to-market Breathing Movement Monitor.” The company, based in Israel, monitor “micro movements” through the crib mattress and alerts parents if breathing stops within 20 seconds or becomes slow (less than 10 breaths per minute) and irregular.

The company claims it was developed specifically to guard against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and is a certified medical device (under EU and Israeli certification guidelines). They do not appear to be certified in the US by the Food and Drug Administration, however.

Babysense 5s installation

Recommended installation for BabySense monitor.

Regardless, we don’t recommend monitors like the BabySense; see the Angelcare review for our reasoning. Rating: Not recommended.