Fisher Price Talk to Baby Digital MonitorWeb:

Fisher Price discontinued all its baby monitors in 2012. Since many of their old models are still for sale as of this writing, here is our archive of our previous review for Fisher Price audio monitors:

Fisher Price has a long track record in monitors, but it has struggled in the transition to digital.

The company’s current line-up includes two analog monitors, one digital and one video monitor (reviewed in a separate section on this web site). The analog models include the basic Surround Lights & Sounds ($25 single, $37 dual) and Time for Sleep Monitor ($40 single, $60 dual).

The Surround Lights & Sounds is a basic, entry-level monitor with sound/lights, out of range indicator and two channels—but it lacks rechargeable batteries. The Time for Sleep Monitor is very similar, but adds a nap timer and clock. Both of these units have a built-in nightlight that can shut off automatically after 30 minutes.

For digital offerings, Fisher Price has the Talk to Baby Digital Monitor ($60 single; $90 dual, pictured), which the company claims has better clarity than similar DECT models. It also has an intercom feature, nap timer, out of range indicator and low battery warning. One plus: this unit has rechargeable batteries.

So, how’s the quality? Fisher Price has seen a steady decline in reader feedback in the past few years. We once recommended this brand and even gave their basic entry model a B in our last edition. But the company has run off the rails with its most recent offerings.

The Surround Lights & Sounds is knocked by readers for its poor range and static—the “out of range” warning indicator often goes off when just a few feet from the monitor. Ditto for the Talk to Baby Digital Monitor.

Bottom line: there are better choices out there than Fisher Price. These monitors are not recommended.

Rating: F