VIPP medium steel trash canWeb:

Type: Refill canister.

Price: $320. Plastic liners: $75 for 800 liners.

Pros: Uh . . . it’s from Denmark?

Cons: Yes, the world’s first $300+ diaper pail!

Comments: We’ll let one of our readers describe her experience with the four gallon VIPP: “So I gave in and bought the VIPP diaper pail from Giggle. I thought that despite the obscene price this would be a worthwhile investment that would fight smell, not take up too much space, and look attractive in my Manhattan apartment. I saw that it is made in Denmark, used in doctor’s offices and has a steel liner. Basically no plastic to absorb smell. And despite the many debates about Dekor/Genie, it seemed that neither one is quite ideal.

“Well this story does not end well. For $320, I also wanted ease of use (special bags are included but you can use trash bags)—but even their special VIPP bag is rather difficult to get in and out. Sadly, I took my 39-week pregnant self to return the trashcan and the woman at Giggle confirmed that although it is great at keeping the smell at bay, it is difficult to change the bag. I really was shocked to find that this 80-year-old Danish company did not have this down to more of a science. While this is not an official ‘diaper pail’ I think this is aggravating even if using this for regular trash.” Bottom line: You don’t need to spend $300 or $400 on a trashcan.

Rating: F