Web: MountainBuggy.com

Price: $180

Weight Range:  7.7 to 44 lbs.

Comments:  It comes as no surprise that the successful Ergobaby 360 and the Baby Bjorn One carriers are spurring more competitors in the all-in-one carrier race. Mountain Buggy (MB) has these carriers in its sights with the release of the new Juno. This four position carrier may look like the 360, but MB claims some interesting innovations that they think overshadows the competition.

MB worked with orthopedic surgeons and parents to design a carrier parents can wear longer and still be comfortable. Like the 360 and One, the Juno has four positions: front carrier (both front and rear facing), backpack and even a hip carrier. So what’s new?

Here are the three innovative features MB added to their design:

The front has a hands-through pouch where moms and dads can rest their arms and cuddle baby in the front carry position:

Mountain Buggy Juno carrier hands through pouch

Mountain Buggy Juno carrier hands through pouch


Next, changing the seat from a wider froggy-style seat for infants to a narrower seat mode for older babies and toddlers is made easier with a simple snap design.

And finally, they’ve included an infant insert that is reversible. The higher position is for infants, while the lower position accommodates older babies who still need a bit of a boost. It’s meant for those babies between the infant and toddler stage.

Juno carrier pictured with included infant insert.

Juno carrier pictured with included infant insert.

Juno also includes an integrated fold away hood, extra wide padded shoulder straps, and thicker padding in the waist band, which is lined with breathable mesh. The waist band does away with the super loud velcro of other brands (we are looking at you, Ergo) and instead uses an adjustable buckle system.

The Juno is made of 100% cotton, pesticide free fabric (certified by Okeo-Tex). But perhaps our favorite amenities of the Juno: the pockets in the waist band. Yep, they are really cool (and can hold keys, a large smartphone, etc.).

Front pockets for mom located in the waist band.

Front pockets for mom located in the waist band.

Another great idea: the harness sternum strap that is attached behind your back when baby is in the front carry position. This strap has strong magnets that almost close by themselves and with a flick of the thumb come apart to0, meaning you can put on and take off the Juno without help.

Mountain Buggy Juno carrier sternum strap.

Mountain Buggy Juno carrier sternum strap.

FYI: Below we have several videos that show how to use the Juno in all its configurations.

While MB worked hard to make the Juno as feature rich as possible, readers have a few problems with the carrier. The pockets in both the front pouch and on the waistband seems like a great convenience, but parents complained that both the waistband and the pouch are stiff and thick–not as comfy as other carriers. The pockets add weight to the carrier, making it heavier than competitors like Tula. Also note: the magnetic sternum strap can be difficult to use.

Finally, the insert is another caveat with this carrier. We like carriers with integrated infant seats—anything removable can be lost. That will make resale or use with a second baby no fun. The insert isn’t available as an accessory from MB at this point. That’s a minor aside, however.

Rating: B-.

Videos for the Juno:

1. Juno front face with newborn:

2. Juno hip carry:

3. Juno back carry: