The Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier.


Price: $150 to $170 (baby version); $170 (toddler version);  $270 to $650 (wrap conversions);  $160 (Free-To-Grow)

Weight Range: 15 lbs. to 45 lbs.; 8 lbs. to 15 lbs. with infant insert; toddler version: 25 to 60 lbs.

Comments: Tula’s founders, Ula and Mike, were inspired by their travels all over the world to use carriers when their children were born. But they were never really satisfied with existing carriers on the market. So they designed their own: the Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier. The design allows parents to use it as both a front and back carrier. FYI: baby cannot face out when in the front carry position (similar to the Ergo Original).

The Tula features organic cotton fabrics, a hood for head support and sun protection, hip belt for parent support with a pocket for storage, padded adjustable shoulder straps (with buckles) and leg openings. To use a Tula with infants, there is a separate insert ($40). Tula makes canvas and woven soft structured carriers (front carriers), wraps, and ring slings.

New this year, Tula has released its Free-To-Grow carrier, which ranges from 7 lbs. up to 45 lbs. without requiring a special infant insert. This carrier adjusts in both width and height to properly support babies up to toddlers. Price: $159. Check out how it works in the following videos:

Fabrics are the big selling point for the entire Tula line.  New designs follow trends like amazing florals:

And trendsetters like this Oh, Joy! blogger’s design (Paint Pallet):

So what do readers think of Tula’s Ergonomic Baby Carrier? Most thought it was easy to use and very comfortable. Fans like how easy it is to adjust between different size parents. However, as we mentioned above: baby can only face toward the parent when in the forward-facing position. The Free-To-Grow hasn’t been on the market long, so we don’t have much feedback on it yet.

Tula is a bit pricey—a similar Ergo is about 20% less. And Tula includes an infant insert, which is an extra $20-$40 accessory for Ergo. So in the end, it is a wash. The wrap conversions start at $270 and go to an atmospheric $650!

Tula conversions have become so popular, and supply so limited, there is a huge gray market in resale and trading for different patterns. Tula can’t seem to keep their wrap conversions in stock, so when they do come out with a batch, serious fans and collectors snatch them up immediately! We have seen some that sell for thousands of dollars. We’re not kidding! You can see for yourself on Facebook pages like “Tula Carriers Buy/Sell/Trade.”

With all the positive feedback, we’ll give the Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier a top rating. FYI, the company also has a carrier for older babies:  Tula Toddler Carrier ($170) works for kids 18 months to 4 years of age. It’s made of the same fabric with similar features to the baby carrier. And the new Free-To-Grow is a one carrier fits all option for both babies and toddlers. Rating: A