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Nuk is probably best known for their orthodontic pacifiers, which we recommend. So you can imagine we were pretty excited to see their line of bottles and nipples. And no surprise, they also call their bottles “orthodontic” as well.

Nuk makes two types of bottles under their own brand as well as the Gerber Clearview and Fashion Tint bottles (these models don’t have the orthodontic nipple, rather they have a narrower, more traditional nipple).

The Nuk Simply Natural bottle is their option for breastfed babies (pictured). It’s intended to give baby a “close to mom” feel, according to Nuk. The nipple on the Simply Natural comes with three to nine holes (depending on flow rate), is sized to mimic mom’s breast, and comes with their Anti-Colic Air System.

Bottle version number two is the Nuk Perfect Fit. Nuk also uses theAnti-Colic Air System but the nipples are a different design without the extra holes and special shape. The nipple is angled up to “encourage proper jaw positioning.”


Perfect Fit baby bottles.


Prices range from $15 for a three pack of 5 oz. Perfect Fit bottles to $15.30 for a three pack of 5 oz. Simply Natural bottles.

Feedback on the Simply Natural option from parents who are switching from breast to bottle and back has been very positive. Parents also liked that they were easy to clean. Others complimented the Perfect Fit bottles for their vent system. They preferred them over Avent bottles. Both Nuk bottles received kudos for cute designs.

Overall, we like Nuk. If you have a baby who loves her Nuk paci, then that might lead you to consider Nuk bottles. While they aren’t as well known as Avent, we recommend them, especially for babies who strike out with Avent and Dr. Brown’s.

Rating: B+