Price: Babycook Original $120; Babycook Original Plus $150; Babycook Classic $120; Babycook $150; Babycook Pro $150; Babycook Plus $200; Beaba Babycook Neo $200

Comments: The Beaba BabyCook steamer/food processor is much like the Baby Brezza. The French-designed Beaba BabyCook steams, purees, warms and defrosts. Over time, Beaba has introduced quite a few models since the Babycook Original.

Beaba Babycook Original 4-in-1 Food Processor

Beaba Babycook Original 4-in-1 Food Processor

The Original, priced at $120, works like the Baby Brezza except it doesn’t have the “one button and leave it” option. If you want to puree the food after the steaming session, you’ll have to manually turn the knob. That said, the Original has many fans who say it’s easy to use and clean. The Original Plus ($150) includes an accessory to warm baby bottles. The Beaba Classic seems to works and look exactly like the Original–even the price is the same.

Beaby Babycook Pro Baby

Beaby Babycook Pro Baby

Next, Beaba makes the Babycook Pro ($150). With a newer, more streamlined design and larger capacity bowl (4.7 cups) the Pro has a stainless steel water reservoir, auto shut off and audible alert.

If you really need to make a lot of baby food, Beaba has the Babycook Plus  . It has dual bowls to make twice the amount of food as the single Babycooks.

Beaba Babycook Neo

Beaba’s newest Babycook with glass bowl and stainless steel basket.

The newest version is the Neo, a more modern design take with a glass bowl and stainless steel basket rather than all the plastic components of the earlier versions. It retails for $200.

Parents are mostly happy with their Beaba Babycook food processors. But there is a significant minority who were disappointed in them. Parents complained they fell apart, grew mold in the water reservoir, blew the lid on the steamer (sending out steaming hot water), and more. For parents who were happy with their Beaba they noted the web site claims it works in 15 minutes or less, but it really takes longer—up to 22 minutes. Overall, many more parents praised the Beaba processors and were happy with the job they did. We’ll drop their rating a bit this time around, but we still recommend them.

Rating: B+