Baby Chef Ultimate Food MakerFYI: As of April, 2013 it appears that Kidsline has left the baby food processor category. We still see a few Baby Chefs online at steep discounts, but we anticipate the product will eventually disappear.


Price: $160

Comments: Baby Chef ‘s Ultimate Baby Food Center sounds like it does everything: steams, warms bottles, reheats foods, chops and purees. All it needs is the proverbial toaster!

Unlike the Beaba or Brezza, the Baby Chef has separate steaming and processing units—the company notes you can cook food and puree a separate batch at the same time. The steamer doubles as a bottle warmer or food defroster/warmer, an added feature. Yes, the Baby Chef is BPA free.

As with other steamer/processors, parents are most impressed with Baby Chef’s convenient one-step abilities. Being able to adjust the steamer so you can heat a bottle or defrost some baby food is a plus that the Beaba and Brezza don’t have.

So what’s not to love? Complaints included constant beeping during the steaming stage, it takes a long time to steam veggies like carrots (30 or more minutes), and the major parts are not dishwasher safe.  Other readers complain the product dies after only a few months. When it does die, Kids Line hasn’t been very responsive. That last point holds the Baby Chef back from getting our top rating. Rating: B