Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food ProcessorWeb:

Price: $78 One Step Baby Food Maker; $143 Baby Brezza Glass; $130 Baby Brezza Food Maker Complete

Comments: Baby Brezza’s One Step Baby Food Maker used to get universally positive reviews from readers. Convenience was the biggest plus to this combination steamer/food processor. Here’s how it works:  add your cut up veggies, meat, fish or fruit, pour in a little water and press the button. First, the Brezza steams the food (there are multiple cook times so you can decide how long to cook), then when the cooking is done, it purees the food. You can choose to puree the item smoothly or a little more chunky.

The Brezza is BPA free and allows you to reheat or defrost foods. The bowl and blade are top rack dishwasher safe. One complaint: the batch size is small (two and a half cups), so if you want to make a month’s worth of food, you’ll need to make several batches. Many accessories are available including a grains steamer, although that makes this expensive appliance even more costly. One last note: you’ll have to clean the steam tank periodically with white vinegar and distilled water.

Baby Brezza also makes a version with a 4-cup capacity glass bowl and a Complete version with a 3-cup capacity that also includes three baby food pouches.

Complaints have surfaced about paint flaking off into the food bowl and the motor breaking. More recent complaints note the plastic work bowl broke. Parents really likes the product at first, but note that problems arose after a few weeks or months.

These  complaints about quality control issues and poor customer service concern us, so we’re going to lower the rating on the Brezza. Rating: C-