Tommee Tippee Simplee diaper pailWeb:

Type: Refill canister

Price: $25 (with four refill); additional refills $13 (two pack)

Pros: It’s cheap!

Cons: Pretty short and only holds 18 diapers so be prepared to empty frequently. Refills hold fewer diapers than competitor.

Comments: Tommee Tippee is, of course, usually thought of when your baby is ready for a big kid cup, but the company has expanded their offerings to include baby bottles and accessories, bibs and toddler feeding accessories, and now diaper disposal. The Tommee Tippee Simplee ($25) borrows the deodorized plastic liner idea from the Diaper Genie, with a few differences.

First, the Simplee is a lot shorter than the Diaper Genie. This means it only holds 18 size-one diapers compared to the Diaper Genie Expressions which holds up to 50 newborn diapers. So you’ll be emptying this pail much more frequently. Refills can hold up to 180 diapers while the Diaper Genie refills hold up to 270 diapers. The price advantage of the Simplee has really vanished as we are now seeing the Diaper Genie Expressions selling for $25 as well.

Parents overall liked the Simplee although some would like to have a step on lever, which you’ll find on the Diaper Genie Complete–the lid can be hard to use. As with every odor-controlling diaper pail we’ve reviewed, the smell eventually seems to over come the deodorized plastic after several months.

Rating: B