Didymos Wrap SlingWeb: Didymos.com

Price: $140 to $500

Weight Range: 5 to 50 lbs.

Comments: Not too many carrier companies can boast about being around since 1972. Didymos (meaning “twin” in Greek), was started in 1972 by a German mother of twins. She had visited Central America and was impressed with the slings she saw moms using in the area. So she brought one back with her. She got a lot of notice for her sling and began making them for friends. A hobby turned into a business and today Didymos carriers are in high demand in Europe and, thanks to the Internet, the US.

Didymos main carrier is a wrap sling, a hybrid of a wrap style and a sling. This single long piece of fabric is twisted and knotted to allow for a variety of carry positions: cradle hold, front carry, back carry and hip carry. It adjusts to baby as she grows and doesn’t require rings, buckles or velcro. While the web site seems to imply these carriers are made in Germany, we noted that Amazon.com lists China as the manufacturing origin.

Prices depend on the weave and color you choose. The company uses only organic fabrics in finishes like cross twill, jacquard and double face. Some fabrics are cashmere blends while most are cottons. Prices range from $140 to $360 or more but they do comes with an instructional video. Some used wrap slings in unusual or rare fabrics can be priced quite outrageously on Ebay.com or Craigslist. Didymos also makes the Didysling, a ring sling, and the Didytai based on a meh dai (mai tai) design.

Didymos carriers are pretty hard to find in the US, which may explain the wide price range. Carrier afficionados love the quality and unique fabrics; reviews are mostly very positive.

Rating: A-