RH Baby and Child crib beddingWeb site: rhbabyandchild.com

RH Baby and Child, a subsidiary of Restoration Hardware designs its baby bedding to be anything but babyish.

Of course, they accent it with cute embroidery like hand knotted sheep, tiny tone on tone stars, or miniature vintage circus characters, but you won’t find garish cartoony designs here. Sophistication is what they’re after. And many of their sets don’t have any design to them at all.

It’s the fabric that Restoration Hardware focuses on. Like organic linen. That’s right, they have sets made entirely of linen that are Oeko-Tex certified for organic goodness. And that’s not the only 100% linen in the line. There are several other sets with linen sheets too, although not all are organic. Linen sheets run $69 each–ouch! Cotton sateen sheets are a bit less at $49. Bumpers are sold with these collections, a big no-no in our opinion. Avoid bumpers!

The good news: although they are expensive, RH offers a membership program that allows members to save 25% on everything, everyday plus an additional 20% off sale items. While that helps make it a bit more affordable, membership fee is a whopping $100. While $99 Prime at Amazon is similar, you don’t get the range of products at RH or Restoration Hardware, that you’ll get at Amazon.com. No diapers here, no high chairs or strollers or everyday items you might need. So we’re not sure this is worth the $100 fee.

You know the price is high, but how’s the quality? Pretty good. But . . . (you knew there had to be a but), RH’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Readers have reported long back orders, accessories that arrive broken, no fabric swatches (although they are promised on their site) and frustrating returns.

So while we like the style and quality of RH baby bedding, the sky high prices and poor customer service put the damper on a higher rating. Rating: B-