Pottery Barn Kids crib beddingWeb site: potterybarnkids.com

No web site has shaken up the baby bedding and décor business in recent years like Pottery Barn Kids (PBK). Their cheerful baby bedding, whimsical accessories and furniture blew past competitors. PBK isn’t cutesy-babyish or overly adult. It’s playful, fun and bright.

PBK’s sheets are 100% cotton, 200-thread count. The sheets have 10” corner pockets . . . and they used to have elastic that went all the way around the edge. We’re disappointed to say that they now only make their crib sheets with elastic on the ends. And that elastic is the source of frustration among some parents we talked to—one PBK customer said she had to exchange several sheets after the elastic popped off or simply wore out after only one washing. By the way, PBK’s spin on why they don’t have elastic all the way around is that it is “for added safety.” We disagree—we prefer sheets with all around elastic.

On the plus side, recent parent feedback has consistently praised the softness of PBK sheets. And their “chamois” sheets ($32; polyester fleece) have also come in for great praise. Readers say PBK’s fleece sheets stay softer than other fleece sheet brands.

Pottery Barn Kids also sells organic cotton sheets ($24) and bedding sets ($234). Good news: they are both Oeko-Tex certified and GOTS certified (click on the acronym and you’ll be whisked off to their web sites for more information on testing). You’ll also find flannel sheets for folks dealing with colder weather. All their sets are priced a la carte with prices of sheets ranging from $19 (mini-crib size) to $24 (a few in the linen bedding sets run $32 to $34), quilts at $100 to $160, and crib skirts at $60 to $130. Sales are frequent and if you have a Pottery Barn outlet nearby, the prices get even better.

New this year, PBK is offering three-piece bedding sets. You can choose from either a quilt/sheet/skirt set or bumper/sheet/skirt. Prices range from $173 to $282. And here’s where we go off on our rant about bumpers. We don’t like them. And we repeat to the point of severe annoyance: don’t use them. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends avoiding them. And Canada has completely banned them as have Chicago and Maryland. Wish PBK would get the memo!

Pottery Barn mobile

This cute mobile activates when you pull the star. It sells for $30.

This disappointment asside, Pottery Barn Kids offers some of the most extensive options for baby bedding accessories. You’ll see coordinating rugs, window coverings, lamps, storage, shelving, art and mobiles to name a few.

So what do parents think of Pottery Barn Kids? For the most part, they get good reviews. Some have complained that the cotton sheets aren’t the highest quality, but they do make excellent chamois fleece sheets. We like that they have so many coordinating pieces and if you want organic bedding they have two certifications–impressive.

Prices, on the other hand, are pretty high. Unless you buy them on sale (and risk that some pieces will be sold out), you’re going to be handing over a substantial bit of cash. Bottom line: it’s a mixed bag for PBK. Rating: C+