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One of our favorite bedding lines, California Kids specializes in bright and upbeat looks. In the past few years, they’ve added more girl-oriented themes as well as a line of coordinating lamps. The quality is excellent; everything is 100% cotton.

California Kids used to make all their bedding in (you guessed it) California. Today, about 5% of the total line (or six collections out of 80) are made in India. Prices run $250 to $350 for a four-piece set (the average is about $300).

Most of California Kids past sets included four-pieces, but some are only a three-piece set with the sheet, quilt and bumper. It’s a clever way to raise prices since they don’t include that fourth piece, but charge the same price. With an amazing array of options (60+ patterns at last count), California Kids is sold in specialty stores and upper-end department stores. Available accessories include wall hangings, lampshades and fabric by the yard. Their web site has improved quite a bit with more information on accessories and options. But we’d like to see a bit more info about fabrics.

A final note: As you know, we’re not fans of bumpers and pillows, so we’re a bit disappointed that California Kids continues to sell sets with bumpers (at least offer some options without them—substitute a crib skirt maybe). Their photos of bedding sets also show bumpers and other soft goods in cribs. We think this encourages some parents to assume soft bedding items are okay in a crib.

Rating: A