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Crib Bedding brand review: BB Basics. BB Basics is a private label bedding brand for Buy Buy Baby. Private-label bedding is pretty commonplace among the chains like Target (Circo). As with most baby bedding, it is imported.

BB Basics crib bedding is pretty decent quality–the percale sheets have all around elastic and are 200 thread count 100% cotton. We wish they had more fabric options like flannel or knit jersey.

As you can see by the photo, colors are in the pastel range with pink and blue plus a few “neutrals”. The ivory looks to be a tad ugly, in our opinion and some parents noted the colors are rather different in real life. If you have any doubts, visit a Buy Buy Baby to be sure of the true color.

Prices are reasonable: a single percale crib sheet is $10 and dust ruffles are $20 each. But that’s not all. BB Basics’ line includes waterproof pads ($13 to $30), cradle sheets ($7), thermal receiving blankets ($10), portacrib sheets ($8), bassinet sheets ($10) and much more. We’re impressed at their attempt to cover just about any baby bedding need you could imagine.

So how’s the quality? Feedback is mixed. Most parents were happy with the quality and the range of sizes (bassinet, cradle and crib). The reasonable prices were also a plus.

One mom complained that the fit was too loose and the stitching came undone after the first washing. Others thought the percale sheets were a bit rough so wash the sheets a few times to see if they soften up. Also, they make bumpers, which we (and the CPSC and American Academy of Pediatrics) do not recommend. Rating: B-