stork craft glider rockerLike their cribs and dressers, Stork Craft’s glider rockers are priced for the entry-level part of the market: Amazon and Walmart sell glider and ottoman packages for as little as $130—no, that’s not a typo.

An example of these deals is the Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set, $160 to $200 depending on the frame color and fabric.

What’s the catch? Well, quality for one. More than one parent told us they loved their Stork Craft glider . . . for about four months. Then the squeaking started. Other complaints center on the cheap cushions. Or that their Stork Craft glider simply fell apart after regular use. After two months.

Customer support is non-existent.

Bottom line: a bargain glider is no bargain if the chair drives you nuts with squeaking . . . or breaks after a few months. Spend a bit more for one of our better rated glider companies (example: Dutailier) and you’ll be happier in the end. Rating: C