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Update August, 2017: Crown Crafts, Inc., a manufacturer of budget bedding including Nojo has acquired Carousel Designs ( According to a letter from the CEO of Crown Crafts, Carousel was purchased to allow Crown Crafts to “transform (its) online presence, providing a major sales channel for (it) and enhancing its direct-to-consumer business.” We don’t know what changes will occur yet with either company, so stay tuned for updates. 

Web site:

Carousel/Baby Bedding Online used to sell its line of bedding exclusively through retail stores at premium prices. Over a decade ago, however, they decided to change to an Internet-only sales model online at

Selling directly to consumers resulted in lower prices—today their sets run $115 for a two piece set (sheet and dust ruffle) to $250 for a three piece set (adds comforter). These are reasonable prices for an all cotton, 200+ thread count bedding line (with elastic all around).

While Carousel continues to make and sell bumpers (which we don’t recommend), we’re happy to see they don’t include bumpers in any of the sets. You can purchase additional sheets for $30, blankets ($40), comforters ($100), crib rail covers ($75) and more. Looking for quality mini crib sheets or matching cradle sheets? How about rocking chair pads and high chair pads? They’ve got them.

What if you want to custom design your baby’s bedding? This is where Carousel really shines. The site’s Design Your Own tool allows parents to mix and match any of the patterns and colors available, using drop and drag swatches. For example, let’s say you plan to get a comforter (not for use in a crib, but for play on a floor). You can pick a fabric for the front then a different fabric for the back. Or another color/pattern for the sheets. Or you might like your sheets to come in two or three different patterns. The crib skirt can also be customized. Then you’ll be able to see the final nursery on line with all the different patterns and colors. When you pick your first pattern, the site will recommend some solids and patterns that go together—but you can pick anything you like. Prices are similar to Carousel’s ready made designs.

Finally, if you want to save a few bucks but still want Carousel quality, the company has an online outlet store with some great deals (up to 75% off) at their old physical outlet in Atlanta, but you don’t have to live near Atlanta to get them.

What do parents think about Carousel? Universally, parents praise Carousel’s great prices and quality. One mom noted that not only were the prices great, but even after repeated washing the crib set “still looks new!” Overall, we recommend Carousel—good designs, great quality and affordable prices. Rating: A