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What is more fun than a trampoline? A trampoline on water! We researched the best water trampolines to find the ones that were most fun, easiest to inflate and durable. Then we looked at a way to add water an existing trampoline, cooling it down for summer fun. Here's what we would recommend.

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Best Round Trampoline

Endless summer fun
This well-built water trampoline features seven and half feet of jumping surface! Easily inflates with shop vac . . . but you have to provide your own hose adapter.

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Best Round Trampoline: Island Hopper 10’ Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Fun! This 10-foot bouncer is springless—it uses an interlaced nylon webbing as a jumping surface. It sits 23″ off the water.

What We Liked

• Easy to inflate with a shop vac. But you have to provide your own hose adapter.

• 6 anchor hooks. You will need cinder block anchors to keep this from moving around once kids start jumping.

• Fun!

What Needs Work

• Not as bouncy as some would like. Because this water trampoline doesn’t have springs, it isn’t as bouncy as a trampoline. That said, it is bouncy! And kids love it.

• Must provide own adapter to inflate. 

• Repair kit is extra purchase.

• Ladder requires some effort to climb up.

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Best Slide Trampoline

Slide + bouncer = extra fun!
This water bouncer is tons of fun—easy to inflate and climb, thanks to vinyl handles. Boarding platform is nice touch. Great for kids under age 12, with generous weight capacity.

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Best Slide Trampoline: RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

Loved this bouncer for summer fun—it comes in three variations (five or seven feet), with or without slide. We researched the version with the slide, which is the one we’d recommend.

What We Liked

 10 foot bouncing diameter (the seven foot version).

• Slide = fun!

• Includes ladder and slide. Plus an inflated boarding platform

• Built-in handles make it easy to scale.

• Generous weight capacity. It ranges 500-700 lbs.

• Includes anchor bags and repair kit.

What Needs Work

• Need more weight to keep it anchored. The included anchor bag isn’t enough to keep it from moving—you’ll need to anchor it with more weight.

• Leaking. We see reports that this bouncer can leak after time . . . it will basically last one season before being needing to be retired.

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Best Sprinkler Style

Cools off trampolines in summer
This sprinkler hose is easy to install and provides hours of fun! Easy on the wallet . . . and much less than tickets to a water park. Attaches to trampoline safety netting.

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Best Sprinkler Style: Trampoline Waterpark Heavy Duty Sprinkler Hose

Traditional trampolines are fun, but they have one major flaw: the black surface gets very hot in the summer sun.

To the rescue, we’d recommend Thrill Zoo’s Trampoline Waterpark Heavy Duty  Sprinkler Hose.

As the name implies, this hose turns a trampoline into a water bouncer . . . great cooling fun.

What We Liked

• Double-walled hose is good quality.

• Easy to use—attach to water and poof! Waterpark here you go.

• White stripe helps you locate which part sprays the water, so you can set it up correctly.

• Attaches to safety netting that comes with most trampolines.

• Brass hose fittings.

What Needs Work

• Can tear trampoline net if kids are overzealous on the bouncing. Adult supervision is probably a smart thing to do here.

• Water can damage trampoline if allowed to sit. It’s best to towel off the trampoline pad and surface when you are done—pooled water can damage the trampoline, if not careful.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Durable, fun with slide
This bouncer features 10 feet of bouncing surface, plus ladder and slide. Lots of fun, but can be challenging to inflate. Very good quality, yet easy on the wallet.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Happybuy Inflatable Water Trampoline 10ft

This bouncer is well built with thick vinyl (PVC Tarpaulin) that will last more than one season. 10 feet of bouncing surface and includes ladder and slide.

What We Liked

• Bouncy!

• Affordable.

• Good quality.

• Includes slide.

What Needs Work

• Challenging to inflate. This bouncer uses specialized valves (Halley-Roberts)—heads up in case your pump doesn’t have that fitting.

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