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What's the best water table? To find out, we asked experts—kids themselves! We had kids try out several popular water tables and tell us which ones were most fun. Then we surveyed our parent readers to find out which water tables they thought were worth the money. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Finding the Best Water Table: Tips & Tricks!

It’s a hot summer day—time to break out water fun!

We asked our parent readers for their advice and tips when it comes to water tables, those affordable toys that can provide hours of fun on a summer day. 

What we found is that the same water tables that work well for younger toddlers (most water tables are designed for kids aged 18 months and up) can bore older kids. 

Likewise, water tables for kids aged 3 to 5 may frustrate a younger toddler who can’t reach the top to pour water in, or easily scoot around the table. 

After trying out several water tables with actual kids and asking our parent readers for their tips, we learned a few key tips and tricks to buying the best water table. Here’s some advice:

• Look carefully at how the table drains. The best water tables have built-in drains with plugs that makes this easy.

• Many of these tables are taller than you might think. This is something to keep in mind if you are buying a water table for a two-year old—they may not be able to reach the top to pour in water. In this article, we separate picks for water tables for kids by age.

• How easy is the table to clean? Watch out for water table with lots of crevices and cracks, which can be hard to clean.

Here are the water tables we’d recommend:

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Best Water Table For Toddlers

Sturdy and easy to drain
We liked the size of this table, which is good for younger kiddos. Our testers thought the lazy river concept was fun, although parents thought it could be easier to assemble and clean.

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Best Water Table For Ages 3-5

Great for parties
Pricey but beloved water table with a myriad of activities and toys that kept our testers happy for hours. Very fun! 3-4 kids can use it simultaneously.

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Best Sand And Water Table

For ages 3 and up
We loved all the included toys (27 pieces in all). Our kid testers thought the sand/water combo was most fun. We liked how easy it was to drain the water side.

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