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What's the best tufting gun? We asked a half dozen DIY rug enthusiasts for their favorites—then we spent another six hours doing research, comparing quality and features. Here are the tufting guns we recommend.

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Best Tufting Gun: Tips & Advice

Yes, tufting custom rugs are all the rage now on social media. If you are rug-curious, you may be tempted into purchasing a tufting gun and giving this new hobby a try.

Tufting guns are an affordable, fast alternative to latch/hook and punch needles—yet a fraction of industrial tufting machine. Many folks have turned this hobby into a side hustle, thanks to affordable tufting guns and a little patience.

Here are some tips and advice on buying a tufting gun for the novice rug maker:

• Yes, tufting guns work must like a sewing machine. They push yarn through fabric with a needle.

• Look for guns that have a variety of settings—some are designed for loop pile or cut pile rugs,.

• Some guns can use more than one thread of yarn at a time.

When we asked our parent readers who are DIY rug enthusiasts for their best advice on buying a tufting gun, we learned it comes down to some basic metrics: stitches per second, the carpet height and the weight of the gun.

After taking several suggestions and doing additional research, here are the tufting guns we think are best:

Best For Beginners

Excellent for cut pile rugs
This easy to use gun would be our pick for novices—easy to use and quick to get up and running. Also nice: you can adjust the pile depth between 7 and 18 millimeters

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Best High Speed

Lightweight at 3 lbs.
Yes, this gun can do up to 40 stitches a minute—that's up to 300 RPM! That is faster than other guns we researched. Excellent choice a hobbyist or side hustle.

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Best for Thicker Piles

Easy to clean
This gun was a reader favorite for those who are looking to create rugs with a thicker pile—up to 21 millimeters. Super easy to use and set up.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Works on carpet pile up to 21 mm
Yes, tufting guns can get rather pricey—this one is both easy on the wallet, yet easy to use and set up. Quiet and works well with a variety of yarns.

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