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Which are the best toddler snowboots? Winter makes for great toddler play—and a good snowboot makes the difference between snow fun and no fun. Here in Colorado, we know a thing or two about cold and snow! Our research put 17 pairs of toddler snowboots to the test with real toddlers. We looked for snowboots that were warm, lightweight and easy to put on (and take off) . . . at a price that didn't break the bank. And we know fashion counts too.

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Best Overall Snowboot

Waterproof top shell
Warmth + Comfort + Affordable = the Best Toddler Snowboot, in our testing. Little touches like reflective stripe are nice.

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Best Overall Snowboot: Northside Boys Girls Toddler/Little Kids/Big Kids Frosty Winter Snow Boot

In our testing of toddler snow boots, we were looking for the right combination of warmth, comfort and how easy it is to put the boot on (and take off). We also looked for durability. One secret to a great toddler snow boot: keeping snow OUT of the boot. That’s why we picked the Northside Frosty Winter Snow Boot as the best overall—in our real world testing, it combined warmth, comfort and an elastic cord that keeps snow out of the boot. Here’s an overview:

What We Liked

• Insulated with berber lining. Less expensive snow boots lack this extra insulation, which is key to keeping those toes warm.

• Hook and loop strap. This helped get a tighter fit. And the elastic cord at the top of the boot keeps moisture out.

• Warm and comfortable.

Reflective strip. A nice extra feature for toddlers out at dusk.

Here’s a look at all the features:

The Best Toddler Snowboot

What Needs Work

• Narrow at ankle. We noticed these boots can be sized too small, with a narrow ankle opening that frustrated some of our testers until they found the right size.

• Snow sticks to treads. For some reason, the synthetic boot bottom attracts wet snow that sticks to the boots. Hence, these boots might be a better bet for cold but dry weather (or light snow), not long treks in deep snow.

• Heavy. These boots are slightly heavier than other options we tested.

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Best Easy On/Off Snowboot

Quick closure
Lightweight and warm, these boots were the easiest to get on, thanks to a super-easy closure.

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Best Easy On/Off Snowboot: GUBARUN Snow Boots

When it comes to toddlers and snowboots, the struggle is real—getting these things on and off can be a challenge. In our testing, we liked Gubarun snow boots for ease of use . . . the large hook/loop closure makes these boots a snap to put on and take off. These boots are waterproof.

What We Liked

 Lightweight and warm. Our toddler testers loved the lining in these boots.

• Hoop  and loop closure for easy fitting. 

• Excellent treads. 

• Wide variety of colors/patterns. There’s a color and pattern for even the pickiest toddler—and we know who you are!

What Needs Work

• Snow can get it the top. Because these boots don’t have an elastic cord closure, snow can get in—the best bet is to put pants OVER the boots, instead of tucking pants into the boots.

• Sizing can run small.

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Best Fashion Snowboot

Easy to put on
Super cute fur-lined suede boots won our testing for best looking toddler snowboots. Warm and comfortable.

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Best Fashion Snow Boots: CIOR Toddler Snow Boots

If you’ve got a picky toddler, we realize how snow boots look can make or break the purchase. When it comes to fashion, we picked Cior’s Snow Boots as the best choice that combined warmth, comfort AND good looks. These fur lined boots have a large button closure.

What We Liked

• Waterproof and warm.

• Soft to the touch.

• Slip on design makes getting them on and off easy.

What’s Needs Work

• Short. These boots are not as tall as others—and hence Cior boots might not be the best choice for playing in deep snow.

• More like slippers than boots. That isn’t necessarily a negative . . . some of testers loved this design, others didn’t because snow can get in.

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Best Splurge Snowboot

Top quality, waterproof
This brand has rabid fans for a reason—these are amazing boots, said our testers. Rubber sole and super warm, yet lightweight.

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Best Splurge Snowboot: Bogs Kids Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rubber Rain and Winter Snow Boot

When you talk to parents about the best snowboots, the same brand name comes up over and over again: Bogs. These boots have legions of fans, thanks to the brand’s obsessive focus on quality and design. And yes, they are quite pricey. But if you want to splurge on a gift for a friend (or just live somewhere with long winters), these boots are a great investment.

What We Liked

• Rubber sole and waterproof uppers. These are serious boots, compared to less expensive options with synthetic treads.

• Super warm, but not heavy. The “Neo Tech” insulation really keeps feet warm, even if temps are close to zero.

• Handles to help putting them on. 

Durable. These boots can easily be handed down to siblings or friends.

• Wide variety of prints/colors, including favorites with dinosaurs and unicorns!

What’s Needs Work

• Expensive. And because these boots don’t have hook/loop closures or drawstrings, you have to get the fit just right since you can’t adjust them to be bigger/smaller.

• Different colors have different lengths. Be careful when ordering—some styles are calf-length while others are longer. Read measurements carefully!

• Snow can get in top. If you tuck snow pants into the top of these boots, snow and moisture can get it. A better bet is to put waterproof snow pants on top of the boots.

• Fashion is hit or miss. While our testers loved Bogs cute patterns, others thought these boots aren’t as cute as other options out there.

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